Monday, May 29, 2017

Under new management

How many times have you seen a restaurant be opened and it serves great food, but then it is taken over by new management, and within a year, it is out of business? No one can do another's project because it is based on one's talents and gifts.

Recent scientific findings at Stonehenge demonstrate that the original founders of Stonehenge were somehow replaced by a different culture, and soon after that, Stonehenge was no longer drawing the kings and queens for rites of conflict resolution. This didn't have to be from hostile intent, but just from lack of understanding how to do something that looked simple from the outside perspective.

Our organization has endured a hostile takeover over the last ten years. The pirates stole the plan, but didn't understand the plan. They stole the principles, but didn't understand the principles. Now, to save face, and to protect themselves from legal repercussions, they must work with me, but how much is left of the original plan?

Acts of revenge involve five power games, and when they reach their ultimate conclusion, there is a flip-flop effect, and the pendulum swings back the other direction.

For example, for many years the members of the professional publishing team have in some way protected Seth and his books, but now what has come to light is that Seth has worked with many channels over the years, and the professional publishing team are now leaving themselves out of Seth's project and are not standing on the principles of what he teaches. It has been a test to see if we can take the teachings to the next level. How many people can pass this test?

With acts of revenge, three of the five power games reach their ultimate conclusions and the pendulum swings back, but the two that are based on weaving an illusion continue to swing the pendulum further out. The power games are Envy and Lust, and when played on the government level, they lead to slavery and genocide.

In the case of the restaurant, new management can be a continuum from the simple sale of a retiring chef to a hostile takeover through intimidation and character defamation, and even murder.

My organization will eventually bring together two of the Seth channels, and each of us has a large number of friends and acquaintances with diverse talents and gifts. My focus is on the international level, and his is on the level of the State of California, and by bringing the two groups together, everyone can function on a higher level. Failing marriages will end and we reform as life-partnerships, which allow everyone to function on a higher level. Lifepartnerships can be either a marriage or a business relationship. Marriages will end only when it becomes apparent that they have different goals, and rather than to terminate in a family genocide, we have programs that allow everyone to function on a higher level.

If this was the restaurant that was being run by a talented chef who is an amateur businessperson, then the logical solution is to find someone whose vocation is business and who is an amateur cook. Together, they carry the restaurant to the higher level by mentoring each other.

Everyone always has three choices--a Moment of Choice has three options--to go up, down or straight ahead. There is Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. We can stand on the principles, ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to undo the damage, or we can go down into the power games and face the backlashes, because the games go against Universal Law.

Mankind is learning about Universal Law. You cannot get your life by playing the games. While revenge may seem to work, there is always a backlash to the games.

You cannot get the life you want by enslaving others or by perpetrating a character defamation campaign against someone. You might be able to perpetrate a hostile takeover of a restaurant or an organization, or even a marriage, but that doesn't mean you will be successful.

Stonehenge fell into decline over the years, and all that gold that was paid for the rites of conflict resolution has been slowly uncovered over the last 5,000 years as farmers tilled their fields or someone has dug a hole for the foundation of a new house.

When George W. Bush and Tony Blair perpetrated a hostile takeover of Iraq, their power games reached their ultimate conclusion.  The US foreign policy of regime change didn't end in control of Iraq's oil reserves, but in a civil war and no one got control of the oil. They judged Saddam Hussein to be evil, and now they are being judged. Four of the five power games have reached their ultimate conclusion, except Lust, and that game is being played by the world leaders who declare themselves to be supporting the United States in the War on Terror in order to line their own pockets with US dollars at the expense of their own people.

Mankind has a choice. We can choose to create a global renaissance by standing on the principles. We can ignore the crisis and face a gradual decline that leads to the edge of the abyss. We can devolve into a global conflict. To free those who have been enslaved by those who believe they own us, the solution is for everyone to declare support for the international government, which will guarantee the rights of the people to leave a nation if they believe they are being oppressed.

A nation that condones attacks on its own people will  lose power in the international government, because the power a nation has on the international level will be based on population rather than military might. If that nation lets go of the power games and embraces the plan for the international government, that nation will rise to the higher level.

The entire planet will be under new management soon. What are we, as a planet, willing to create?