Sunday, July 23, 2017


The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, but for the last ten years there has been a standoff that keeps people from being part of the organization. Everyone's attention has been focused entirely on a small group of people who, at first, everyone believed has more power to bring the projects about, but in fact,  they have no power at all. For various reasons, including fear for their lives, people have pushed away being part of the organization.

The allegorical "White Witch" from the C.S. Lewis Narnia Series keeps everything in a stasis so that it is "always winter, but never Christmas."

The standoff  leaves everyone out of the legitimate organization, which is what the buggi-pirates of the first stage of the planning process want, but at the same time, it leaves them out of the plan for world peace, too, which is not what they want.

Each of our projects is based on our talents and gifts, and so no one can do another's project, and our projects enable us to fulfill our purpose in life.

The Catholic church goes through a long process to name someone a saint, but the reason people are sainted is because no one else showed up! God, the Creator of us all, sees everyone as being equal in capacity, opportunity and equality.

It takes everyone working together--all 200 independent members of the organization--to create any of the fifty innovative organization projects, and people are actually working on their projects, but getting nowhere, and will continue to do so until everyone comes together.

The entire planet is therefore still addressing the first proposal, the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and learning the lessons associated with power. Where does true power come from? Does revenge actually work?

The buggi-pirates are focused on getting revenge, not on creating a project. Imagine, for a moment, there are two brothers, and one is getting revenge on the other, trying to keep him from having a relationship with a woman. Stepping back from this to see it from the wider perspective, is the vengeful brother making any effort to have his own relationship? What does he get out of all his efforts to get revenge? Nothing. You cannot get your life by getting revenge on another person.

People must be squeezed to participate in the organization, but the squeezing action comes from the fact that the power games each plays reaches its ultimate conclusion, and people are squeezed to let go of the games. The games end when they are played on an innocent person.

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised his followers he would undo everything President Obama did while he was in office. Many Republicans in office like the plan, but is Trump's plan an act of revenge? This morning there is an article in news that, once again, Congress is considering lowering the required number of votes for passage of their legislation. That is not a solution to the problem. That does not address the root cause of the problem. If Congress is facing any crisis, and therefore there is a rationale for making a change, and people are backed into a corner, then the only solution to get out of the crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest. Shouldn't there be a 100% approval rating required?

Is it possible to get a 100% approval rating for any plan? Yes, and the plan for world peace must meet that standard. But, we don't give in to the power games, and we don't give in to those who are resisting the plan, and we don't turn it over to them so they can continue to prove they are more important than others, and therefore, are oppressive to the people.