Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Games Narcissists Play

Yesterday, Charles Manson passed away. He died in prison at the age of 83. He was a narcissist who drew around him followers who helped him to murder a popular Hollywood actress and her friends and family. Before the murders, Manson cultivated relationships with the Beach Boys, a famous California band. 

You can read more about the famous murders in many other places. Manson and the murders he perpetrated can be used as an archetype, and my reason for bringing this up today is to focus on the same crisis that is occurring among the potential members of our organization, and in many other places around the world. I would like people to recognize the games when they see them, and to understand how and why they occur. Hopefully, this can stop or prevent the same natural progression of events being perpetrated by others. 

Revenge brings together people who play five power games.
Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, and Anger.
Many people play the game of Lust. People who play the game of Lust fear getting hurt, and will hold people to them and then push them away. The ultimate conclusion of the game is they are alone and unloved, and how many people are in that crisis? Narcissism is a form of mental illness, and Lust is one of the games associated with revenge.

Revenge brings together people who play five power games that are known as the Seven Deadly Sins--Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust and Anger. If you place all five games in a circle, and draw lines between then, the lines form a five pointed star--a pentagon, the symbol of revenge.

The games are called the Seven Deadly Sins because when the games are played, someone dies. It is no coincidence that US military headquarters is shaped like a Pentagon. Pride leads to war, Envy leads to genocide. Greed leads to massacres. Lust leads to slavery. Anger leads to terrorism.

When you draw a five pointed star, you start with the game of Pride. People who believe they have the right to put others down bring in those who believe they have the right to judge others. They in turn bring in those who believe they have the right to take what belongs to others, and if you can take what belongs to others, you can own them, and if you can own them, you can deny them a voice. They all appear to have the same goal, to get revenge on someone, but they don't have the same goal, and so eventually, they undermine each other. Pride undermines Anger, which undermines Lust, and so on.

Two of the games associated with revenge--Envy and Lust--are based on weaving an illusion. When the president of the United States, for example, talks about fake news, and when people start lying, you know an act of revenge is being perpetrated and that should be a warning that these power games are devolving.

The game of Greed brings in those who play the game of Lust. The Beach Boys were very popular and were making a lot of money from their concerts and sales of gold records. Manson insinuated himself into their lives but didn't fit well into the California beach culture, and so he moved on, but he drew with him young women who fell for his illusions. They were very loyal to him.

In its extreme form, Lust leads to slavery, and it combines elements of war and genocide. If you draw a line from the power game to the opposite side of the circle, you can see that the revenge is a means to a goal. The person who plays the game of Lust lacks intimacy and has a goal that combines abundance and a voice, but lashes out at others and takes what is not rightfully his or hers to have. No one has the same goal. The games go against Universal Law. There is always a backlash to this game, The person ends up alone and unloved, which is what has been the misunderstanding in his or her life all along. That belief reaches its ultimate conclusion.

It is a spiritual truth that what you have, you get more of, and what you lack, you lose. The solution  is to consider all people to be family, and the earth is your home. You do what is in everyone's best interest, which allows you to fulfill your purpose in life.