Sunday, August 6, 2017

Who will defend you?

I have talked about the family that is harassing me. They are just like many other people--and governments around the world--and they are playing the games of revenge because they believe the games will help them get the life they want. They are not necessarily getting revenge on me, but on members of their own extended family for events that occurred years ago, and they are blaming others for their own choices that put them into the abyss.

What is happening is something we will talk about later, concerning the Cycle of Misunderstandings. People are born with a blueprint for the life they want--based on fulfilling their purpose in life--and each step is supposed to help you get your life, but misunderstandings kick you off course, and then you rely on compensatory games, and eventually the games stop working. The games of revenge are compensatory games

The potential members of the organization have divided into the four segments of the World Peace Movement, and there is this battle going on between those who stand on the principles and those whose financial foundation has been affected, like between husband and wife, but then the extended members of the family have been brought in and they are reinforcing the conflicts.

Genocides are oftentimes started by people who believe they have been victimized. An historical example of this can be found in the journals kept by the white people who lived in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo during the times of Stanley and Livingston. They had perpetrated heinous crimes against their slaves, and afterwards they felt such torment, they blamed the slaves. Eventually, when their were natural resources to fight over, neighboring nations were dragged into the conflict.

When we all come together to address the DRCongo proposal, we will go into this in greater depth, but now let's consider that in Iraq, the Coalition soldiers believed they were defending their own lives from the insurgency while invading the homes of the Iraqis with no due process of the law. Iran and Syria, and Russia have been dragged into the conflict.

What is the solution? Let's start with our Conflict Resolution brochures, and the idea of lifepartnerships. The brochures explain that your advocate is someone who can speak from experience because he or she has had the same crisis in their life.

The US government is not the solution. It is our organization and the family that is parallel to Iraq that has the capacity to offer the solution, because we are like lifepartners to the nations because we function on a different level. We are not able to takeover a nation, just mentor, and in the process, they mentor us in a win-win agreement. We are parallel to the 200 nations.

Will the man who is harassing me defend me? Can he prove his capacity in running my business by attempting to control me? No.

If the United States, or any other nation, succeeds in taking over another nation, such as Iraq, can they create a stable government in that country? No, and therefore the insurgency in Iraq and Syria can be stopped even by dropping the MOAB on them.