Monday, November 27, 2017

Open letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:

My organization offered Congress a tax reform plan--the Lift the Public Plan--that benefits everyone from the top 1% to the homeless and those on fixed incomes. Having a plan that benefits everyone is how to rise out of a crisis situation. 
When you are backed into a corner, you see only two options and both are untenable. You can continue to be squeezed or come out over the top of a far greater force and fight, and both are existential threats. 
North Korea is in this existential crisis, and that is why they have chosen to fight. You cannot back someone into the corner without giving them a way to function on a higher level. The plan for the international government is the solution to the North Korean crisis, not to back Kim Jong Un deeper into the corner. 
This is not about North Korea, but on tax reform. The House has passed your plan for tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest, and Republicans are happy about that, but if your plan does not address the root cause of the crisis, it will make it worse. Bush left office with the economy in crisis, and Obama had to come into office "running." 
The backbone of the economy is small business. The crisis in our economy is the power games based on greed, and the ultimate conclusion of the game of greed is you end up dead broke. 
Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to his supporters that he will Make America Great Again, and that he will create a sense of prosperity for everyone. For him to keep that promise, he must let go of the idea that he will consolidate the wealth--which is not how prosperous nations function, but it is how third world nations function. He must enable everyone in America to be able to create that same sense of prosperity, like his University was supposed to do. 
Trump wants to be successful. He says he is a master, but the mark of a master is not how many students he has but how many masters he creates. 
How can average people assume responsibility for their own prosperity? While your plan for tax reform is setting the stage for the next economic crisis, my organization will be working to create our US Survival plan that is based on the principles of how to create a family dynasty.