Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Trapped in the Illusion? Walk Away

Yesterday I made a bold statement on the organization Facebook page. I commented on the Las Vegas shooting, and said I believe the shooter had been enslaved.

Something had to have been bothering the man to motivate him to perpetrate such an horrific act of violence. The article I read about him described the shooter as an accountant, a wealthy businessman, a man who liked to gamble for high stakes. Gambling and guns are not unusual, especially in Las Vegas. What caught my attention was his relationship with a  woman, and that he became more alienated from his relationships.

Wealthy businessmen usually have a network of associates, acquaintances and even adversaries, and work hard to maintain their network. Women naturally have a nesting instinct and are attracted to men who are "good catches." A man who is wealthy and available is not just a good catch, he can be a great catch, and in a place like Las Vegas, where there are many beautiful women wherever you look, a woman who fears losing her man--her financial support--can rely on power games to keep him.

One of the five power games associated with revenge is the game of Lust, and while Las Vegas is known for its loose morals, it is not known for enslaving people. The game of Lust is not based on sexual desire. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it is a compensatory game played by people who fear loss, and so they alternately bind people to them or push them away. In the mild form it can lead to jealousy, but in the extreme form, it leads to slavery. A man who has been enslaved and controlled by others can resort to extreme violence.

 Our Power Series books goes into revenge, and how it works and why it doesn't work. This post is about how to overcome slavery.

One of the most famous demonstrations of how to walk away from enslavement comes from the Bible, with Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt. The Hebrews had to have some place to go, so the promise of a Holy Land, a home where they could live their lives without interference, was the first step in the journey.

Slavery is a power game based on weaving an illusion. Moses also had to demonstrate that his power base was stronger than that of the pharaoh's, and that he understood how to overcome the illusion.

What is a home? Is it just a house? We are citizens of a town, a state, a country. We are also citizens of the Earth and the Universe. If we think globally, no matter where we are, we are at home, and every person we meet is part of our family. When we think Universally, we are part of "All That Is."

The proposed international government is the solution to the slavery crisis. It is a state of mind that implies where you belong. Where you can live your life without interference. Where you have a voice in your government, and where you can create the life you want. The first step in its creation involves learning the principles of Universal Law, and that is what overcomes the Illusion. We learn about what keeps everyone entrapped in the Illusion, because people who rely on power games are also trapped in the Illusion.

People are not bad. The games are bad. I can't judge the man who shot those people. They all got caught up in the Illusion.