Monday, June 26, 2017

Unraveling the Misunderstandings: Our Soul Group

There have been many misunderstandings about our organization, and I would like to start a series of posts that help to unravel them. I will post daily for the next three weeks or so, as part of this series.

Who are we?

The World Peace Organization for the One World Government is a nonprofit organization that is incorporated in the State of Virginia, but we are also unique in that our independent members are part of a soul group, and we all share a common overview purpose in life. Everyone plays a different role in the project.   

Everything starts first on the spiritual level, and then trickles down to the mental and then the physical level. When something occurs on the spiritual level, it becomes possible. On the mental level, it becomes probable. On the physical level, that is when you are working to make it likely.  

Seth and  Jane Roberts
Paintings by Jane Roberts's husband,
Rob Butts
Is reincarnation an accepted fact yet?  Soul groups reincarnate over and over again, each time replaying the same  roles or switching roles. On the spiritual level, we make soul agreements within our soul group to meet at a certain time and place to play out these roles, to undo the karmic debts we have accumulated from previous lifetimes, and as we do, we progress spiritually. Until recently, when people were born, we forgot our purpose in life, but children nowadays are oftentimes born remembering what their purpose in life is, and this is something Seth, one of our guides, talks about in "A Manual for Peace." 

Seth is famous for his books with Jane Roberts, who died in the 1980s. Together, they sold over 7 million books, and they are considered classics of spirituality, explaining that we create our own reality. Now he is returning to start a new series on how to create the life you want.  

Our organization is working to introduce fifty innovative projects, and the entire soul group came together on the spiritual level, so the projects are possible to create. Some are on the mental level, and only a few are on the physical level. It takes all 200 independent members to bring a project about.

This first misunderstanding about the organization is that our organization is a normal nonprofit organization, and that led to a hostile takeover. We function as a  normal nonprofit, but also as a soul group, and it is impossible to do another's project. Our members are very specific people, the Founding Parents of the proposed international government.

In the planning process, the first step involves having a plan and not realizing that there are people who will attempt to steal it from you, and the reason is, they don't understand that no one can do another's project. Our projects are based on our talents and gifts--and also on soul agreements. 

Our Creator set into place a framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, but this is a free-will Universe, and we create by intent or by default. Until this time, no one has really been willing to work together. It was more likely that if someone had a plan, rather than to work together to bring it about, they would attach themselves to someone who seemed to have more power, and that became a trap. The children still are willing to share talents and gifts and work together, but mostly because they remember doing it all before they were born, and now they have been dragged into crisis. 

The ideas for the fifty innovative projects were stolen, and the pirates offered the ideas to others who may or may not be part of the soul group. That pulled many people into their grasp, but even after ten years, they all have not been able to bring a project about. They don't understand the plan and the don't understand the principles.

Seth is our guide that is responsible for offering project ideas, and he can do that because he worked with all of us on the spiritual level. Only enough information has been introduced at this time to open a project idea to debate. Seth works with many channels now, but each of us has a particular role we play. He will only introduce projects ideas through me, and write books through me now. Step by step, we are learning to overcome our fears and belief structures, based on what is covered in the books. 

People must be squeezed to let go of the power games each of us plays. It is like a test to see if each of us can overcome the squeezing action and choose to work together to create the projects. That leads to three choices--to rely on the existing structure, like going to the doctor, or working with the pirates and getting deeper into a legal quagmire or being murdered, or working with me and this organization to function on a higher level.