Monday, May 15, 2017

Spiraling Down Into Consciousness

This morning, the US Appellate Court for the Ninth Circuit will hear arguments about Donald Trump's travel ban on Muslims entering into the United States, which he is presently limiting to a six Muslim nations. Trump declares he is doing this to protect the United States. He is aware that the directors of the CIA and the FBI have announced in the media that there are sleeper cells in the United States, and therefore we must defend ourselves by placing barriers around us, including a multi-billion wall between the United States and Mexico.

He believes the United States lacks security, and that his plan will protect the United States, but if his plan doesn't benefit everyone on the planet, he is dragging the United States into the abyss. He is in the process of making the United States less secure, not more.

This same process coming from the sense of lack is what leads to compensatory games--power games known as the Seven Deadly Sins--and it is going on all over the world. Everyone is coming from a sense of lack in some way, and continues to reinstate the sense of lack in our lives.

As we spiral down, we reach the point where we become part of consciousness. We lose our identity. We become part of Consciousness. We become part of the whole rather than an individual.

For example, if an individual is diagnosed with cancer, he or she looses his identity and becomes a cancer patient. Refugees no longer have an identity. Homeless people are part of consciousness.

The spiral down into consciousness is coming from a sense of lack, and from the lack of opportunities to get the life you want is the ultimate conclusion of cycles in our lives.

This is something that we address as part of our first two government proposals. The Time Series explains the different between Absolute and Relative Time, and the squeezing effect everyone is suffering through.

This squeezing effect is an horrific test to go through, but what is important is how everyone responds to the test. This is the purpose rising out of a crisis is done through demonstration, and why this blog exists. We are demonstrating how to rise out of the abyss of consciousness.

At this time, until the professional publishing team rises out of consciousness, our books are amateur-quality only, and can only be sold to independent members.