Friday, December 22, 2017

The U.S. Economy Is In Trouble. What can we do?

Many people equate money and power, two ideas that should never be equated, because if you lose your money, you lose your power. Equated ideas get people into trouble, and so the United States is getting into trouble.

How many people are wondering how the tax reform changes will affect them? The answer became much clearer to me when I saw the graph for income inequality. People are hoping the tax reform will help to make America great again, but when the wealth of a nation is concentrated at the top, which has gone on much longer than the tax reform act, the money doesn’t trickle down, the economy stagnates. Why? The power is consolidated there, too.

The power of every government is derived from the people, but the focus is shifting to the power being derived from the money. Imagine what occurs in dictatorial nations. The power is consolidated into one man, and if he plays the power game of Lust—which is based on weaving an illusion that leads to slavery—acts of terrorism occur, and then the nation becomes a failed state. Yemen is on the brink of becoming a failed state.   

Years ago, at our prayer circle, we were warned that the US government will cut start cutting social programs. The solution to this economic and political crisis we are facing as a nation and a planet is for the people to shift our focus from money to sharing our talents and gifts with each other. We are learning the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Think of it. What did people do before money existed? Everyone still had food to eat, and it was free. There was barter and trade. There were even societies where those who gave away all their wealth got the most power—potlatches.

I am not saying money is not important. I am saying that our economy is about to become stagnant, and the first principle to overcome that is for people to start focusing on sharing our talents and gifts with each other.

I have many plans that will help everyone overcome this crisis of equating ideas that should not be equated, starting with US Survival Cards, which help people understand how to rise out of poverty, based on how wealthy families from the past worked together to overcome an oppressive economy and went on to create a dynasty.

On a parallel basis, the same thing will occur between nations. The United States must rely on our niche, too, and that is not our wealth, but our Constitution, and our unalienable rights. It set us apart from other nations, and it drew people here from other nations that were more oppressive. It is what made America Great.