Friday, May 26, 2017

Outsmarting your enemy doesn't work

This morning I want to make a correlation between two things that appear to have no connection whatsoever. By doing so, I am offering a solution to what some people believe is the greatest problem facing mankind and others consider to be a hoax or a tool wielded by liberals to prevent economic progress-- global warming.

As a student of spirituality, I have read many, many of books on the subject, and one comment comes to mind about the lesson the planet Mars teaches. Mars is associated with war, and every two and a half years or so, its orbit brings it closer to the Earth, and so it would seem that war in inevitable. The lesson in the book was that once you emotionally let go of the chaos, it disappears. 

Basically, the squeezing action is not bad. What is bad is how you respond to it. 

The popular Chinese martial arts movies show the invincible ninja warrior as having no fear, and in their personal lives, no emotional connections to something that can be lost. If you want something, you can be controlled.  

This time period is one of great changes, and so it is a time of darkness as the fears rise in those who rely on the old structure for their security and support, and they resist the changes as the old structure appears to be collapsing. They don't see that the future can be an improvement over what exists, perhaps because they fear failure. We have a physical body, but it is made up of energy, and fear is a very low frequency. The Earth is made up of energy, and so the fears are rising and creating a sense of resistance and friction in the planet, which is leading to global warming. 

There is no scientific explanation that would explain why the Earth is getting hotter. The sun goes through cycles, too, but there is no real significant addition to our solar system that would lead to a rise in the core temperature in the Earth, but it has risen, The only  significant change is that the cycles have lined up, and this has been a time of great changes. 

The plan for the international government has gone out too far to stop, but there are people who are getting revenge and attempting to trigger fears in others. They play the role of the allegorical devil, dragging people backwards in their progress, They are waging war. They are weaving an illusion, and dragging others deeper into the chaos. They believe they are outsmarting those who seem to have the power. The conflict has become a feud, and it continues to spiral down deeper into the abyss.

To stop a genocide, someone must say stop. The winner of the conflict is not the one who outsmarts everyone else. The winner is the first one who walks away from the conflict, and not by being a refugee who is fleeing from the chaos. This is where Stonehenge comes in during this cycle. The cost of the conflict, in terms of loss of lives and resources, becomes too much to bear, and so a plan must be set into place that allows everyone to function on a higher level. 

The ultimate conclusion of the power games is that you end up with nothing. If you grab for power, you lose your power. If you grab for what is not yours, you end up with nothing. If you put someone down, you will be put down. Under Universal Law, what you do to another will be done to you. You cannot get your life by taking it from someone else. 

This is what one of the zen-like cards from our Power Packet says, "If you are so smart, why are you fighting the Universe?"