Saturday, July 2, 2016

Unraveling the Illusion of the books

The illusion is based entirely on misunderstandings. The log-jamming effect comes from the choices people are making in response to the misunderstandings.

The first misunderstanding that led to revenge occurred many years ago between (our parallels of) George H.W. Bush and Saddam Hussein. It was a matter of lack of loyalty and of respect, and this triggered George H.W. Bush to go to war against Saddam Hussein based on the game of Pride.

During the time of this event, our organization consisted of the prayer circle, which started in the early 1990s, and the first book to be channeled, "A Manual for Peace," by Seth and Karen Holmes. This occurred in 1999.

One of the people who came to the prayer circle was the man who is parallel to Iran. He knew the truth about the prayer circle, that Holmes was the main channel, and our George W. Bush knew about the books, but was not involved with the prayer circle. Because of the respect issue, George W. Bush sided with George H.W. Bush, and this pivoted Saddam Hussein toward Iran.

Iran is a technology-oriented nation, and needs the United States to be in agreement with its nuclear power program, but the two men were headed different directions, and couldn't find a common goal. Saddam Hussein pivoted toward Syria.

Iraq sits between Syria and Iran, and they make a very strong regional force, but our Bashar al Assad didn't know about the books. This Middle Eastern bloc threatened the security and support of our George W. Bush, and he played the game of judgment, which led to the Iraq War--which triggered the global genocide.

There are five power games related to revenge, and the judgment against Saddam Hussein brought in those who knew about the book, and each had his or her own agenda and this created the wall of resistance agains the books being published.

Then the question became, who actually channeled the books, and this is how the books were pirated. The ripples continued to go out.

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who has worked with many channels, but he only works with one at a time to channel books--Karen Holmes. His goal is for all his channels to work together to function on a higher level. If Holmes can create a cash flow from the books (Seth's goal is for everyone to be able to create a cash flow based on sharing one's talents and gifts) then the other channels can do so, also. Then, Seth and Holmes started the organization, and he is working with Holmes to create the projects, including the technology project for Iran and the economic projects for Syria.

When Saddam Hussein's relationship with Syria threatened to destabilize Bashar al Assad's economy and his relationship with his people, Syria pushed him away, and Saddam Hussein temporarily pivoted toward Yemen. Saddam Hussein's relationship extended further back into the history of Yemen than the unification, and this triggered President Saleh to grab for power.

The acts of revenge have been oppressive to the people, and many people are in crisis. The channels are light-bearers, and are part of the World Peace Marketing Strategy and the crisis center.

To unravel the illusion based on the books, our George H.W. Bush had to overcome the game of Pride and declare he/she knew about the books, and that undermines those who are playing the power game of Terrorism, which undermines the pirates.

Everyone is in crisis. No one wants to be dragged into a huge legal quagmire. The books are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis," and the books associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq teach our potential independent members how revenge works and why it doesn't work--why you cannot get your life by getting revenge.