Thursday, July 7, 2016

Targeting innocent people

All over the world now you see innocent people being dragged into conflict. The Whitehouse issued a report recently on how many innocent people have been killed by drone attacks, but they are not necessarily considered innocent, where there is a backlash to the power games, but collateral damage to a justified response against a threat. That makes them innocent, because once the plan for the international government was introduced, there is no need to fight terrorists or radical extremists at all.

The person who is innocent is the person who you need to help you get your life. The United States and the UK would like to stop radical extremists, but it was Saddam Hussein who had proven he could do it. When he was targeted, Tony Blair and George W. Bush opened Pandora's proverbial box.

This is now occurring within our organization and within the parallel nations. People are getting revenge on another person within their family, usually the person who stands on the principles--the overview, Pure Ray of the family. That person is responsible for taking the family forward in their evolution by doing what is in everyone's best interest, but people don't really like change, and so there is resistance.

In our World Peace Marketing Strategy, the overview person in the family works through the first row, which draws him or her into a project. When he or she finishes the course, he has drawn into his project his own Flower of Life pattern, and then progresses through the second row projects, which starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray.

The second row is for those who went down into the power games because their security or support was threatened when the overview person stood on the principles.

The Faith of the Pure Ray unifies the world religions into one body of spiritual teachings. The one thing everyone on the planet wants is to be able to create his or her life, but there are no schools on how to do that. Even the existing spiritual teachings focus on the fact that you create your own reality, but don't address the planning process, except in hidden teachings.

The Faith of the Pure Ray is that school and it teaches people how to create the life they want by learning the pure principles of each of the religions, and students progress around the yearly calendar, standing with Christianity, which teaches how to create a plan that benefits everyone. During this time of the year, students focus on the principles of Hinduism, which is all about security and conflict resolution.

The Ramayana is a Hindu story about Rama, and how he fought Ravanna over his abduction over Sita, Rama's wife. Rama was standing on the principles, and Ravanna went down into the games, and it unleashed the Battles of Armageddon within the family.

Ravanna targeted an innocent person--Rama--the overview of his family and of the entire planet.

How many innocent people were dragged into that conflict?

The same thing occurred during this time period when George W. Bush and Tony Blair targeted Saddam Hussein. He was a man who stood on the principles. He stood before the Arab League and protested that the UN sanctions were oppressive to his people, that they had killed 500,000 Iraqi children. By targeting him, Tony Blair and George W. Bush faced the backlashes of Universal Law.

Tony Blair hasn't figured out yet that his revenge against Saddam Hussein was not justified. The Chilcot Report came out, but he still believes that Saddam Hussein was an evil man. No one has the right to judge another person. His row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is the second. It allows him to become responsible for his own security and support.

The next family to come into the organization is being torn apart by an act of revenge, the Ramayana is being replayed.

While this goes on, the rest of us will move forward and look at how to do the miracles that Jesus the disciples demonstrated.