Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If you want something, you will be controlled

There is a form of mental illness that is pervasive within our organization. This is something that is occurring because mankind is closing in on the transition from the third dimension to the fourth, and what separates the two dimensions is the understanding that you can get the life you want. The problem is that when someone offers you something you want, and you realize you can get your life, you make the leap, but if you know it is based on weaving an illusion, you take the illusion with you. You bounce back and forth between the dimensions.

During this time period, fifty innovative project ideas are being introduced and opened to debate. The projects allow all the independent members to function of a far higher level. The ideas were stolen and offered to people who are not considered part of the organization, or the offer was meant to entice people to become part of the conspiracy and to logjam what is rightfully that person's.

Our World Peace Marketing Strategy includes a project that helps to heal this form of mental illness, but it requires people who are grabbing for what they believe is rightfully theirs to let go of what is actually dragging them into the abyss. Many other projects must come first, including a training program for everyone who will participate at the conference of world leaders. Our independent members must be ready to assume responsibility for the roles they will play, and not running around perpetrating acts of mayhem because they believe they are being controlled.

People are grabbing for power. They are equating ideas like money and power, and if they want money or control, it makes them open to control by someone else.

Many people, when they lose their money also lose their power, so people are dying because of this.

In our Crisis Packet, Archangel Michael's booklet, "A Little Angel Told Me...", tells readers that the end of life crisis is "like playing poker with the devil [someone who is dragging you backwards in your progress] and you don't even have a pair of sevens. Well, the devil doesn't even have that."

The principles associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq start with revenge, and how it works and why it doesn't. If you are out for revenge, that is all you will get. You won't get respect. You won't get abundance. You won't get anything that seems to be offered to you. You cannot get your life by getting revenge. You can't even do your project if you choose to go down into the power games of revenge. There is always a backlash to the games.

The acts of revenge against Saddam Hussein drew in Tony Blair, the Coalition nations, the dictators who declare themselves to be allies in the War on Terror, but use the US support to oppress their own people, and the terrorists. They all had the common goal to get revenge, and they won't get anything out of it but revenge.

You have to understand what you have. If you lack power, you grab for it. Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done. You come up with a plan that benefits everyone, and under Universal Law, to get power you must enable others to have it. The plan for the international government enables every president to be considered equal to all others, and to have the power to assume responsibility for the problems we are facing as a planet. This allows the United States, for example, to function on a far higher level than by military might.

Being president during the era of the international government will be kind of boring. No swaggering. The role of the president will be to decide if the bills placed before them are executable. The presidents from every nation will vote on whether they believe the bills should become law. They will be out of the country for months at a time, responsible for representing their nation during the debates and votes on bills, and solving problems.

The duties and responsibilities of the branches will be discussed in greater depth in "A Manual for the One World Government," by Seth and Karen Holmes.