Thursday, July 21, 2016

The channels are the first to come in

One rule that we received is that the channels must be the first to come in, and the reason for this is that people must be squeezed to come in, and the channels enable the people in crisis to have a way out. This rule was twisted and subverted by the people perpetrating the hostile takeover of the organization. They hired people to go onto the astral plane and to follow all the channels around to prevent the channels from getting insights, and they refuse to leave.

The pirates that follow Karen Holmes around are family members of one potential independent member--the next family to come into the organization. The brothers sing all the time, and weave an illusion by telling stories about what is happening to other people, but the stories may or may not be true.

The first step for each of the proposals is to bring in the independent members, and the first two proposals involve helping people out of their crisis. The professional publishing team draws in people who will publish our trade books, which are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis, and the second is the crisis center, where the channels are available to anyone for free private sessions. It is impossible to channel when many people are following you around and singing 24 hours a day. It is impossible to bring in anyone and help them to overcome their crisis when the channels are being targeted.

Group channeling sessions allow the channels to demonstrate the validity of the messages. When ten or twenty people are all channeling the same message, it is quite a sight. There is no way for the channels to be making up the messages when someone asks a spontaneous question and all the channels respond with the same answer.

Our gifts are not being harmed in any way. It is the people in crisis who don't have any way out of their crisis. To logjam the potential members of the organization and then the general public from coming to get help during their time of crisis means that no one has any help at all. No one includes the people on the astral plane who are preventing others from getting any help.

Many people are in crisis. The numbers are growing, and if that were not enough, the oppressive power games related to twisting and subverting the plan for world peace is based on slavery and genocide, which involve crimes against humanity. Generation after generation of people are being dragged into crisis.

These people are playing power games of weaving an illusion. Everyone is in the illusion, and at our prayer circles, with group channeling sessions, it is possible to unravel the illusion. This is what occurred during the original prayer circle when Karen Holmes made her ascension out of the illusion.

Our rules related to security are that anyone who comes to any of our events and plays a power game will have his or her picture taken and they will be denied access to any future event for a period of six months to one year. The people on the astral plane have left themselves out of our organization framework, and are not considered part of our organization.

The first lesson people must learn is that of Universal Law. You cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law, but the pirates believe they can twist and corrupt the plan for world peace to their advantage by weaving an illusion.

This is how genocides work. They are based on weaving an illusion, and the ripples of effects continue to go out to draw in more and more people. The US legal system is based on the premise that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice or ulterior motives. At the same time, the power games continue until an innocent person is crucified, and to target the channels means that the backlash against the perpetrators of the genocide have no way out of their crisis, either. Not only that, but the channeled messages include projects that allow them to get their projects, which means they have no projects to help them overcome their crisis.

They are out of the organization at this point and have no way to get the life they want.

They are one of the ripples of people who were drawn into the conspiracy, into the revenge. To unravel the revenge, the first step involves the fact they were pirated.

It is in no one's best interest for the books to be pirated or for the channeled messages to be prevented from reaching people in crisis. The insights are vital, and the income from the sales of the books goes to support the organization's projects and events, which benefit everyone.