Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mayhem and illusion

With acts of revenge, which are based on five power games, three reach their ultimate conclusion when it becomes apparent that you cannot get your life by getting revenge, but the two power games that are based on weaving an illusion continue to swing the proverbial pendulum out further.

The power games of Envy and Lust, which lead to genocide and slavery, continue to draw more people into the chaos.

The plan for the international government benefits everyone, and the solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest, so doing one's project is the solution.

We are assuming that everyone has been torn apart by conflict, trapped in the illusion. We are starting with the books, which are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis.

At this point, the organization has one independent member--Karen Holmes--and affiliate members in 85 nations who like the plan for the international government. All the potential members, and even strangers, have been dragged into the conspiracy to takeover the organization. The people are log jammed, and in crisis, refusing to come into the organization out of fear they will be targeted, or are holding onto what is dragging them into the abyss, and whatever that may be has become a trap. The organization is still in its potential state, with people scattered throughout many states.

Karen Holmes is the director of the organization, and is a channel. Her gift from God is to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." She channeled the founding documents, the proposals and the books. She created On The Rainbow Publishing, her niche based on her gift of channeling, and is printing amateur-quality  books for the 200 independent members for when they come into the organization. She can only sell to them, and the professional publishing team will assume responsibility for the professional books,but they are still facing their tests.

The books are "channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis." Half the income from the sales of the books will go to support the organization and its projects. Holmes wrote a letter to the ambassadors, for example, and told them that the proceeds from the sales of "The Faith of the Pure Ray" will go to rebuild Iraq. The books were pirated and sold or given to the potential members of the organization, undermining the organization's financial support. None of the proceeds from the sale of the pirated books will go to support the projects, so it is in no one's best interest to purchase the pirated books.

As people are facing mayhem and the illusion, they are trapped. Holmes has been targeted, too, and is working to apply the information in the books in her own life. This allows her to prove the information in them is valid.

The illusion and the acts of mayhem are very cruel. Many people are in crisis. People must be squeezed to participate in the framework, and this is a very difficult test for everyone.

As the books are proven to work, it will become apparent that the games are bad, not the people, and that everyone is in crisis.

This is where the next family to come into the organization will arrive. It is up to the "Pure Ray" of the family, to help to set up the crisis center in Brookings, Oregon. The channels will work there, offering free channeling sessions to anyone in crisis. The Pure Ray of the family is the individual who is the overview concept, and allows the family to evolve to the next level, and to fulfill its purpose.

The crises centers will expand through our tent tour, when we work with channels from around the United States, but at this point, even the channels in the organization have not passed their tests, and the only people who are willing to listen are the children, who have also been targeted. The children are the light-bearers, but are being dragged into the darkness of fears and illusion.

Holmes is sending out her "Pass It On" booklets to people on her mailing list, but most of the potential members of the organization went over to the conspiracy in the belief that they had more power and money to bring about the organization and the projects. They learned that no one can do another's project because it is based on one's talents and gifts, but because they accepted something and participated in the acts of revenge, they are trapped and won't get anything. That is the hell associated with acts of revenge.

As people let go of what is dragging them into the abyss, they will be willing to buy the books, and then come to the crisis center. Everyone will go through the crisis center, which will include group channeling sessions, where the illusion will be unraveled.

Letting go of the two power games based on weaving an illusion will be very difficult. Those who do it will be the last to come into the framework. It will take them a long time to undo the damage they have done. Why should they do it? Participation in the framework allows them to make their ascension and to function on a higher level, while you cannot get your life by weaving an illusion. True power comes not from the power games, but from undoing the damage you have done.