Friday, July 1, 2016

Surviving the end of life crisis

The ripples of effects continue to expand out now drawing in more and more people, and log-jamming people into a state of profound despair. People are dying. People are weaving the illusion and twisting the truth, so no one knows who to trust. People are running forward through the planning stages and steps to destroy the plan for the international government, or to stop it from coming about, but it as gone too far to stop.  They believe they have everything, but they have nothing and are punishing others who seem to have more then they do. They have not learned the first lesson, that you cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law.

No one is ready to be the person they were born to be. Everyone is in crisis. To become that person, they must rise out of the abyss.

The books are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis, but the requirement is that they can only be sold to independent members until the professional publishing team comes together. The books have been pirated, but the pirates are not channels, and cannot channel additional books on subjects they know nothing about. It is impossible to function on a higher level than you are.

What is really strange is that these people are potentially part of the organization. They were offers the opportunity to be part of the plan. They were friends at one time. But, people must be squeezed to participate in the plan for world peace, to let go of what is dragging them into the abyss, and that is difficult to do.

People who are in the abyss are lining up and following others around the planning circle and up and out of the abyss. The first people to come into the framework are the Seth channels, and we are at the point in the planning process of the Brick Wall, where we are facing our end of life crisis. It is up to us to demonstrate it is possible to do so for those who are behind us in the line--those who will listen to us. The first two channels are responsible for the books and the crisis center, which will help others to survive their tests, too.

The Pass It On books are the solution. They can be sold to any independent member and passed on to family and friends who are in crisis.