Friday, July 1, 2016

The focus is on Iraq and the Law

The UK is dealing this week with the Brexit from the European Union, and in less than one week, the Chilcot Report will be out adding to the turmoil. The solution is the creation of the international government, and so we are launching the plan for the Exit Strategy for Iraq, going into greater depth with what we have to share. This will enable England to withdraw from the conflict by doing what is in everyone's best interest.

The Chilcot Report will offer facts and figures about what led to the preemptive strike. We will look at what led to the crisis, but focus on the principles and the power games that led to the crisis. It was "one small step for two world leaders, but a major leap for the rest of the planet." What should have been another short term military exercise turned into a global conflict--the worst case scenario for the entire planet, because the existing structure has proven that it cannot end or prevent wars.

It is time to understand what led to the crisis, and what steps must be taken to overcome it.

Our goal is to end the crisis and to insure that nothing like this ever happens again. To reach our goal, with this proposal we are working to create an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in an international court system rather than the battlefield, and rather than for governments to sacrifice their peoples in wars and genocides, we will take the monies now wasted on wars and turn them over to the people so the people can prosper.

At our conference in Europe, the United States and Iraq will be advocates to this solution. This evening, we put online our blog that addresses the conference and what everyone can expect as events unfold.

The international legal system will be based on Universal Law, something to which every person on the planet has been exposed. That is not to say that everyone stands on the principles of Universal Law, which is immutable. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect declares, "do unto others as you would have them do to you."  It is a warning that if you break the law, you will face the backlashes. You can also use it as a tool, that to get the life you want, you must help others to get it, too.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is a U.S. economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain on the U.S. economy to the Middle East. It is in no one's best interest to continue to fight an unending conflict.

Every proposal includes interesting events that the entire planet will enjoy. Our organization is especially looking forward to Oxford and Stonehenge, which will address conflict resolution and its counterpart, unification. We will enable England to return to its historical purpose to enable them to create a niche.