Thursday, July 28, 2016

Now open for debate!

You have heard the plan is open to debate. Every avenue for open debate will be explored and developed, and will continue to evolve as the plan for world peace is introduced. There is no resistance to a plan if everyone part of its creation.

Join the debate
on the plan for world peace.
Our founding fathers came together to debate the creation of the United States, and they used a remarkable tool that is one step higher than brainstorming an idea. They "stormed the mountain." They built on each other's contributions to the debate until everyone was so pleased with the end result that no one could think of anything higher. We intend to have a global storm the mountain debate on the plan for world peace.

We will introduce the proposals, and open them to debate, and those who are interested in taking the ideas forward are more than welcome to do so. There will be something that interests everyone.

On our website, we invite people to have a voice in our forum segment, but unfortunately, we were inundated with spam. That glitch has been resolved, and this morning we posted a new board that will be devoted to polls. Guests are also welcome to vote, and then register to join others in having a voice in the creation of the international government.