Monday, July 18, 2016

Living the life we want

Many people are aware of the plan now, and that it is the solution to the problems we are facing as a planet and within the nations, and even on the individual level. The problem is that the global genocide has log-jammed everyone and backed people into the proverbial corner. The solution to being backed into the corner is to join the organization or the plan for the international government, but there has been a great deal of resistance because of the log-jamming effect. 

People are fighting for the lives.

In the proverbial corner, you have two choices, and both are untenable. You don't see the choice to go up, which is to stop fighting, turn around and go through the little door that has been there all along but you didn't see it. That is to join the organization or the framework based on making win-win agreements.

When I first became homeless, the requirement that was placed on me was that I could not get a job. I had to apply what I had learned to get out of my crisis.

Mankind lives in the third dimension, but to make our ascension into the fourth and then the fifth requires that we come to the understanding that we can get the life we want, but also there is the requirement that we live as fourth and fifth dimensional entities. To get out of my crisis, I had to create the life I wanted. 

Step by step, I have had to make my way through the planning process, but with each obstacle, I have had to find and make a win-win agreement with someone who has what I need and needs what I have.

We look at Universal Law of Cause and Effect--Karma--as the main law, and that to get the life you want, you must help someone else get their life, but there is probably a Universal Law for each of the dimensions. In Heaven, we manifest what we need, so we must all learn to manifest, for example, and become dependent on that rather than to rely on having a job--especially one that we don't want. 

The World Peace Marketing Strategy starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray, and the second project of the second line is the miracles classes, so now we are looking at how to apply Universal Law in our own lives, and this is where the true miracles come. The miracle is not that God talks to people or even makes their presence known to us, but that we learn to live as we do in Heaven.