Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Undermining the Revenge

The idea that world peace is possible was first introduced in a book, called "A Manual for Peace," by Seth and Karen Holmes in 1999. The book was read chapter by chapter by the prayer circle, and everyone who read the book signed a paper saying they like the plan for world peace.

When the book was submitted to the publisher, Holmes met resistance, and it was shelved for the last 17 years.

Seth told us that "a million people had to be in the right time, place and frame of mind for world peace to come. A billion people had to be in the right time, place and frame of mind for world peace to come."

The first people to come in are the professional publishing team. This brings us back on track.

To unravel the House of Cards that was built to stop world peace from coming, the person who is parallel to George H.W. Bush had to turn around. That person knew that the book was channeled by Karen Holmes. The book was pirated, and many people who were not part of the prayer circle thought the pirates were the rightful owners of the book. 

To first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone must function from their own capacity. The framework based on making win-win agreements exists, and everyone's place in it is based on talents and gifts. You cannot get your life by weaving the illusion that you wrote a book--channeled a book-- if you are not a channel. 

That small act of the parallel of George H.W. Bush turning around and knowing the truth triggers those who play the game of Anger--or denying people a voice--to make a choice, also, and to turn around. They cannot get their life by denying the truth that the book was channeled by Karen Holmes.

The next person to be undermined when that occurs is the person who pirated the book. 

The illusion is being undermined. 

If you look at the wider perspective, you cannot get your life by pirating a book. Weaving the illusion that you did may give a moment of exultation, but there is always a backlash to that game, and why endure the backlash when the opportunity to function as part of the framework is a lasting joy? 

When the pirate lets go of the illusion, those who play the game of Greed are undermined. They get nothing for their act of revenge. That step undermines the judgment and the character defamation, which undermines the war that George H.W. Bush perpetrated. How can you get respect by getting revenge on a man who was attempting to comply with UN sanctions?