Friday, July 8, 2016

The complicated rules about becoming an independent member of the organization

The rules associated with getting into the organization are complicated, but are there for a good reason. The Battles of Armageddon are raging, and families are being torn apart. No one is ready for the conference to begin.

Our organization has endured a hostile takeover based on character defamation. The person who is being defamed is the head of the organization. Many people who are on the list of potential members  have been approached and offered the opportunity to participate in the conspiracy as if it was the legitimate organization. This has backed many people into the proverbial corner, and torn apart families, and everyone is log-jammed with only two untenable choices. The choice to join the organization, which is the solution to the crisis, has been blocked by the ripples of people who believe the lies.

The Battles of Armageddon are like a hostile divorce when one gets revenge on the other. During a Moment of Choice, one parent stands on the principles and that choice affects the other parent who goes down into the power games because his or her security and support is threatened by the choice.

In the case of our organization, the conspirators have reinforced the power games of the parent who has chosen to go down into the power games with the purpose to perpetrate a hostile takeover of the entire family.

In the case of the world leaders, nations are facing hostile takeovers, too, and are being backed into the corner. Many people would like the conference to be held as soon as possible so talks can begin so that they can be turned to the advantage of the few, but it will take time for the power games to end before everyone is ready to talk. The existing international structure based on the power games no longer works, but there are still some who are grabbing for power.

Think of the Battles of Armageddon as being like a hostile divorce, where the husband has been working late and his wife suspects him of infidelity. She goes out of her mind with revenge, and drags more and more people into the conflict, including those who would take advantage of the conflict. She takes him for everything he has, and tries to leave him in ruins. Suddenly, people the man doesn't even know are looking at him as if he is a scoundrel, and all he knows is that he was working late at night to provide for his family. Under the circumstances, their children may choose to stay with their mother so they can control her, but she may attempt to use them to her own advantage or play them against their father.

Under these or similar circumstances, our rules associated with independent membership protect the father, the mother, and the children. They put an end to the power games and encourage everyone to work together.

  • Independent members have the right to invite their children into the organization framework. Their children can then invite the other parent into the organization.
  • If a child wants to be part of the organization, one parent must be willing to share his or her talents and gifts.
  • Family members are welcome to come to every organization event, except for inventor/investor parties, when the inventor presents his or her project to the investors in the hopes of finding a sponsor. 
  • The spouse may have been offered the opportunity to get his or her life by someone who does not have the capacity to give it to him or her, and this leads to a form of mental illness similar to being bi-polar. The classes for healing mental illness won't occur under after the Full Training Session, when the projects will be turned over to the project bosses. The classes are for family members, not those who are mentally ill, because the family members are the only ones who are interested in helping their parent overcome this crisis. It is in everyone's best interest for the "rogue" parent to let go of the oppressive power games and work with the family rather than against them.

World peace will come when a million people are in the right time, place and frame of mind.