Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Theft of Five or More Nobel Prizes

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is probably considered the most prestigious honor in the entire world. For those who are grabbing for glory, I hate to disappoint you but the Nobel Peace Prize is obsolete, because world peace requires the active participation of every person on the planet, and while our organization has a plan that is worthy of the honor, when you consider that the sources of our innovative ideas are channeled messages, we don't even qualify because they are not our ideas in the first place.

It is not up to us who qualifies to win a Nobel Prize. Our organization will turn the ideas over to the experts in the fields, such as the mathematics professors at Oxford, and they can win the Nobel Prize....

You see, the Nobel Peace Prize is obsolete. The channeled ideas have no credibility, and so we are doing what can be considered an end run on the existing structures. We will introduce ideas and then turn them over to the experts in the fields, and they will take the ideas and fit them into the existing body of knowledge, and everyone will function on a higher level as they teach the principles to the rest of the planet.

What if you are offered the idea, based on the idea that you become part of the team, and you steal the idea? The application of the principles is what is important. Would you rather win the Peace Prize or see world peace come about? Stealing the idea is the perspective that the prize is more important, and that means that you won't win the prize.

At Oxford and Stonehenge, our organization will introduce the Grand Unification Principle--no longer a theory. Brilliant minds, like Albert Einstein, searched for many years for a Unified Field Theory. It can be considered the Holy Grail of Mathematics, but only those who are worthy find the Grail. By fighting over the prize, you lose sight of the fact that the "unified field" cannot leave any part out of the definition.

Our organization is introducing fifty innovative ideas that have the capacity to win five or more Nobel Prizes, in all the fields, and what an honor it would be to do so. The Nobel Prize raises one individual or team of collaborators to a very high level, our intent is to enable everyone on the planet to function on a very high level.Would it be an honor if you were not worthy?

In an attempt to gain control of our organization, we have suffered a hostile takeover of our organization. There are people who are trying to prove they are worthy, but the only people who are worthy of being part of our organization and the framework that it is based on are those who stand on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

The Nobel Prize for Economics is oftentimes given to people who come up with a theory that enables people to function on a higher level. Our economic foundation, called the cooperation of nature, is an open source idea.  It was first "recognized" and developed into a mathematical science by an Italian named Fibonacci, but ancients cave drawings of spirals are symbols that they honored the cooperation of nature. The idea has been applied since the dawn of history. The idea of the egg and the sperm coming together to create a new life is the perfect example of a win-win agreement. Farmers understand that if you save a percentage of the seed from each crop, you can replant, and each year your efforts are multiplied. Basing economic practices on win-win agreements allows everyone to function on a higher level.

The intellectual property thieves were offered the opportunity to function on a higher level by being part of our organization. We don't judge them because it is hard to let go of something that offers such a prestigious reward, but holding onto something turns it into a chain. Stealing the idea includes feeling that you are a fake, that it wasn't your idea in the first place, so that creates a sense of mental illness. You bounce back and forth between understanding that you can get your life on a higher level and the the fact that you are a fake. The middle ground is the solution, and that is to become part of the organization, join the team, and to let go of the idea that only you will win the prize.

World peace requires everyone on the planet being part of the framework based on sharing one's talents and gifts. Under Universal Law, no one can be left out.

We are all equal. Even the poorest and the youngest child is equal to the richest and the wisest and most venerable adult. While the wisest adult has a lifetime of experience, and the child still has much to teach, from their perspective, they remember Heaven. They teach those of us who have forgotten what Heaven is like because we see Hell around wherever we look. Everyone on the planet has been born with talents and gifts, and then it becomes a matter of will whether you will participate in the framework.