Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In solidarity with the call for a Day Without Immigrants

Because our organization has solutions to the immigration issues, we are staying open, but sharing our solutions, including:
  •  One of the rights a citizen of the international government will is to leave their nation if he or she believes he has been oppressed, and because the power a nation has is based on population, that nation will lose power in the international government's House of Representatives, which will decide whether it is the will of the people for bills to become law. 
  • The Faith of the Pure Ray is based on the fact that each of the world's seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create the life an individual wants, and so this faith unifies the world's religions. Faith of the Pure Ray churches will be more like schools that teach people how to create their life, and in the same buildings will be offices of the international government that will guarantee the rights of the people to leave. If an individual who is being oppressed goes to the church/school to apply to leave, while waiting for the international government to find a more suitable home, he or she can take classes to learn how to create his or her life, and therefore it will be easier for the immigrant to find a new home. 
  • As the principles of the global renaissance become mainstream practices, the economies of the world will rise, and as disputes between nations are settled in court rather than the battlefield, and as governments let go of their oppressive power games and start to support their people rather than to oppress them, fewer people will find the need to leave their country. 
  • Because the existing borders in many cases were drawn as the result of wars rather than around cultures, as peaces comes, the borders may be redrawn or cultures will spin off to create new countries, and there eventually, there may be up to 500 smaller nations. Immigrants in the future may stay in their homes but work together as a culture to create a new nation with equal status in the international government.