Monday, February 13, 2017

Perfect Power Merger

Oil has been a predominant source of energy, but eventually the oil reserves will be depleted, and our goal is to start to transition mankind out of oil dependence by creating a free power source while simultaneously creating a new use for oil that is just as lucrative for producers but requires only a small amount of oil. It makes no sense to burn up hydrocarbons in internal combustion engines.

Nuclear energy is also a major source of energy, but in the future, mankind must transition out of dependence on nuclear energy, and the reason for that is what we will cover today.

Yesterday I talked about potential Nobel Prize winning projects, and in the future, if our independent members agree to work together to bring it about, we will introduce a "recipe" for a luxurious fabric that is oil-based. It will take only a very small amount of oil to produce it and so the oil-producing nations can maintain their economies while producing less oil.

Right now the chemistry for the fabric is beyond our scope, and the spiritual hierarchy will not offer any more information about our projects until our independent members--who are parallel to the world leaders--are willing to work together to do what is in everyone's best interest. We are now addressing the principles of conflict resolution.

Our three technological inventions come together to create a free power source. Each of the three inventions will become the solution to the crisis one nation is experiencing, so if the three nations are united with this common goal--of providing free power to the rest of the world--the world's dependence on oil will shift to creating this remarkable new fabric, not to mention be one step closer to world peace.

While these nations are offered the opportunity to take leadership on the creation of these projects, because the project helps to solve the nation's problems, the projects are higher dimensional technology, and they must stand on the principles for them to work. As that nation comes to the understanding that the power games they are playing don't work, and they face the backlashes on the games, then they must figure out what will work.  To bring the project about, every part of every project must stand on the principles of our organization, and all 200 nations will play a part in bringing it about, even if it involves just buying the final product.

We are doing an end run on the existing structure that is deadlocked on a source of energy that is being depleted or misused or abused and must transition to a higher level.

Technology, as I said in previous posts, is more than innovative gadgets. It addresses the plan stage of the planning process, and that includes the principles of power and how it is used. As the plan is introduced, it must also address the opposing principles on the planning circle, which is Crisis in the Family--it must have a rationale, solving a problem--and it must address the principles of Conflict Resolution to stop the naysayers from preventing its creation.

Today, we focus on the first invention, and the idea was introduced to our independent member who is parallel to Iran. It is the Free Power Source invention.

Iran's intent for its nuclear power has been questioned. No one really knows whether Iran will use it as a tool or a weapon. Our invention is the middle ground because it offers free energy and solves Iran's Crisis in the Family problems, and also can only be used for peaceful purposes. Iran has not been considered equal to its surrounding nations, and this allows Iran to introduce a new form of energy that allows the region to function on a higher level. It is one of three inventions that come together, and so Iran must work together with its adversaries to bring it about. Rather than to sanction Iran, which makes the Crisis in the Family worse, and makes Iran more desperate and likely to play its power games, it is the solution that allows Iran to do what is in everyone's best interest.

It is in no one's best interest for oil reserves to be depleted or for nuclear power to remain a power source in the future.

Mankind looks at the Universe as being "All That Is," which is another name for our Creator. But, there is a Universe within a Universe within a Universe, and each atom is a Universe. Therefore, to split atoms is to destroy a Universe, and mankind is breaking Universal Law and facing the backlashes from doing so.

This will be explained in greater depth in the future. To allow the transition away from nuclear power, we are offering the three power inventions, starting with the Free Power Source invention.

Imagine you are a twelve story building, based on the human chakras, and on each floor will live a certain type of relationship, and for everyone in the building to live together in peace, you must make win-win agreements with them. Every relationship must be resolved for you to live the life you want. There are 144 relationships in all that must be resolved.

On the top floor our Creators, I Am That I Am and Lady Gaia, live. They are the male and female aspects of God. We were created in their image, which is male and female, and their relationship is based on a life-partnership agreement. This win-win agreement is your soul agreement to fulfill your purpose in life, and to stand on the principles of Universal Law, and to form a life-partnership.

In a liferpartnership, each has a vocation and an avocation, and one's vocation is the other's avocation, so they mentor each other to help each other create the life they want.

On the lowest level live our family relationships, and this is where our power is stored. Among these relationships, as children, is where we learn power games, and so these relationships must be resolved to enable us to regain our power. To bring in your family, you first create a lifepartnership, and this is explained in our books and brochures, and our marketing projects.

Where the building sits in the town is based on a continuum of frequency, like a plant that prefers a particular environment. The first building has been constructed now on an empty plane, right in the middle of a place that focuses on creativity. This building, like a plant, allows other buildings to be created.

This invention is part of our technology segment, and it is a plan that enables people to have free power. If you have a Crisis in your Family, the first step is to see if you are standing on the principles of Universal Law, and then address the information in our Conflict Resolution brochures.

This is a very elementary introduction to a very complex invention, but already it is allowing people to start to regain the power in their life. Eventually it will become an energy source in our lives, and we are unlimited as to what it will power.