Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What can Yemen teach us about power?

Yesterday, my post covered Iran and the Free Power Source invention. It was the first project idea that spun off from the plan for the international government, and it started the technology segment. That invention idea creates a win-win agreement within our organization on the Flower of Life level. The family of the independent member who is parallel to Iran is facing the same crisis Iran is facing, and the invention offers the solution to their crisis.

As mentioned in yesterday's post about the Free Power Source invention, we are all like twelve story buildings. The twelfth floor is where our Creators live, and the first floor is where our family relationships live. The Flower of Life level is the third floor, and on that floor reside the people who will help us get the life we want--to fulfill our group purpose in life, and to rise in power, you must make win-win agreements with everyone in the building.

My Flower of Life level divides into six segments: Technology, Business and Economics, Crisis in the Family, Conflict Resolution, Tolerance and Empowerment--and World Peace is the evolutionary concept.

Technology includes the application of the plan, one's power base and productivity. Iran was the first to receive a project idea, but several other nations are part of the technology segment, including North and South Korea, and Yemen. There are twelve nations, and each plays a different role.

In our organization, the man who is parallel to Yemen is the teacher for the experts. He can speak the language of the existing structure, but he doesn't know what to teach yet because he is part of the existing structure, and as we do our end run, he will bridge between the two and draw the existing structure forward.

The Battles of Armageddon are raging in Yemen, and there is no sense of unification. Our focus is therefore on unification and conflict resolution. His role is to teach the experts about the Grand Unification Principle. The brilliant minds of mathematics, physics and cosmology have been searching for the Unified Field Theory for a long time. It is their Holy Grail. Now it is being introduced.

It was there all along and they just didn't see it. The same ideas are addressed in every field, and oftentimes easier to understand an idea easier if you look at it from another field. In terms of the Grand Unification Principle, the field of spirituality has already found the all-encompassing concept and it is called God, or our Creator, or many other names. Those scientists who have made the connection to God in the Universe are ahead of those who see science as a pure concept, because they can leap back and forth between the two fields.

Our technology team has been facing a roadblock. They would like to appear credible, but our innovative projects are based on channeled messages from God, and how can pure, rational scientists maintain credibility when our guides are God, angels and other kingdoms, including the animal kingdom? What if an article in the technology newsletter was written by a whale?

The Animal Kingdom is part of the Universe, too, and the animals live on the eighth floor of the twelve story building.

Many people consider Nature to be the battle of the fittest, that it is a dog-eat-dog world that we live in, and we must claw our way to the top of the proverbial mountain. Nature is based on the spirit of cooperation and win-win agreements, even among the different kingdoms. One of our projects is an Animal Bill of Rights.

When you look at Yemen, you don't think of it as a nation that is focused on technology. There is no hi-tech industry in Yemen. It has a very low GDP, so productivity is low. That nation would like to rise in power, but like Iran, they must first address conflict resolution.

Yemen was able to unite its factions in the past under President Saleh, but he was removed from office because of his oppressive power games that led to an uprising of his people. Many people were killed.

Vice President al Hadi took over the country, and when President Saleh maneuvered to gain back his power through his political party, al Hadi went to the Gulf Council for help. The neighboring nations have an interest in a peaceful Yemen. President Saleh is working to make agreements with the other nations, too, to gain power. He went to Iran and asked them to share information about how to build a nuclear power industry, but attempts to get the resources and mentors failed. He then made an agreement with his former enemies, the Houthis, and fought his way back to power again, and in the process, many people were killed.

The Battles of Armageddon are raging in Yemen, just as in many other nations and on every level. One side is standing on the principles and the other has gone down into the power games.

The power games are oppressive to the people. For world peace to come, the people must demand their governments stop playing the oppressive power games. For peace to come, the Yemeni people must invite Yemen into the plan for the international government.

No nation will mentor Yemen to build nuclear power plants, and as I said yesterday, nuclear power won't be tolerated when the understanding comes out that every atom in our Universe is in itself a Universe. The three technology inventions, starting with the Free Power Source invention, is the only power source of the future that will be in existence, and for it to provide power, the nation must let go of the power games that led to the loss of power, and them start to make win-win agreements on every level.