Monday, February 27, 2017

Who do you trust?

Each of our government proposals has an associated set of books that explain the principles, the application of the principles and the three planning steps. The books associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq explain the principles of power, and where true power comes from.

The first booklet addresses the first principle, and that is how revenge works and why it doesn't work. "The Pentacle of Power," by Seth and me, includes a simple board game, called Who Do You Trust?

This board game is a actually two separate boards that demonstrate the subtlety of the power games related to revenge. The game of revenge demonstrates how one person targets another to stop him in his progress. The second demonstrates how win-win agreements function to allow both people to function on a far higher level. These games are played for high stakes, so it benefits everyone to understand how these games function.

These blog posts are my watered down versions of what I have learned from these books. The books do a far better job at explaining these principles. If you are interested in going deeper into learning about the principles of each of the proposals, including where mankind went wrong and fell into crisis, I recommend the books.

Half the income from the sales of the books goes to support the organization's projects, which benefit everyone.

At this time, the books can only be sold to the independent members of the organization. The first people to come in are the professional publishing team, but they are still is stopped in their progress because they didn't know who to trust.