Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The image of Colin Powell holding up that tiny vial before the United Nations is etched in my mind. 

It is the responsibility of the Cabinet to be watchdogs of the president, but Colin Powell was confusing his role of general, who must be loyal to his Commander in Chief, with the role of the Secretary of State, who is responsible for being a watchdog of the president.

The president is responsible for foreign policy decisions, but not to force a personal agenda. The Cabinet is like the Flower of Life level of our organization. The boss of the project is responsible for teaching the principles, and the Flower of Life level are watchdogs to make sure he or she stands on the principles. 

Think of a family based on a wealthy husband and a trophy wife. Imagine the husband pegs the family on a particular level in society, and his wife can take the family higher based on principles or lower from that point based on her fears. If he works late at the office, and she fears he is having an affair, she can tear apart the family, and drag in the children and even the neighbors. (This is something our organization will address with our California Community Property Law project.) It is up to the husband to demonstrate the principles, and the wife to be the watchdog to see that he is standing on the principles. 

Our World Peace Marketing Strategy allows everyone to function on a higher level, based on what is important to them. For the husband, it is the principles, and for the wife, it is her financial support and the support of the people around the family. Their children are the watchdogs for their mother, to make sure she is standing on the principles and not getting revenge, and drawing in the extended family and the neighbors, who are the ultimate watchdogs, because if the family is imploding and drawing in the children, the wise neighbor can defuse the family crisis--even if it is by calling the police. 

There is a trickle down effect, level by level, with the teachings, and a trickle up effect, with the watchdogs.

The American people are responsible for making sure our government stands on the principles. It is the entire planet who are responsible for making sure the plan for the international government stands on the principles. This is where the United Nations has failed. The U.N. Charter has five flaws, and the Bush administration was able to force their agenda to invade Iraq. The voice of the watchdogs was not regarded.