Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The first step in ending famines around the world and at home

The economic basis for the proposed international government is the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Nature is seen as dog-eat dog, and the survival of the fittest, and therefore it seems to be a competition for resources, but that is a misunderstanding of how nature functions. Nature creates a sense of abundance for all. There is an element of predator and prey, but that keeps a sense of balance, because if every species continued to multiply without any checks, the planet couldn't survive. It is all part of how the food cycle functions.

There are natural cycles in nature, too, with wet years and drought, and our ancestors learned to store foods for the lean years. The weather may seem to be beyond our control, but mankind's fears are energy, and when many people in one area are fearful, they fall into circular thinking-- that they must do something, but they don't know what to do, but they must do something.... The combined energy gathers and runs along the energy lines of the planet, and lodges in energy points, and leads to hurricanes and tornadoes. By evolving to the point where mankind is "walling the straight and narrow"-- by standing on the seven principles of the Light Source Invention-- the weather extremes will moderate, too.

Man influences nature. The influences are based on fear, which leads to compensatory power games, which creates a sense of Darkness, and so the Light Source invention is what overcomes the Darkness. It overcomes the fear.

There have been diseases that attack particular species, such as Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. It is based on a fungus and a virus that attacks the hive. Viruses are thought-forms that are manifested on the physical level. Fungi generally prefer dark and damp places, and the rise of the incidence of the disease in various locations around the world coincide with local and regional conflict. Much of the global food cycle is dependent on bees for propagation. Mankind's are creating famines. Panama Disease in bananas is also fungi-based, and certain species of bananas are facing extinction while growers rush to find resistant species. Prion diseases can also be directly attributed to conflicts, and affect cows and sheep, and there is a human form, too, and a large percentage of the population of England has been exposed to this horrific disease.

There are economic issues that affect famines. Widespread poverty or personal financial crisis cause people to eat or sell their livestock or their seeds that have been set aside for replanting--their resources--and then to rely on the governments for aid, foreign and domestic.

Political power grabs are oppressive to the people, and according to the Light Source Invention, they trigger famines. If a dictator declares himself to be an ally on the War on Terror, he may do so at the expense of his own people, and divert aid to his own pocket.

The Light Source Invention demonstrates how acts of intolerance lead to famines--and eventually to a failed state.

The solution is the plan for the international government. It creates a sense of balance again in the nation that is facing famine, because the next step in the Light Source Invention is terrorism, and that comes when the people are denied a voice in their government, and must raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence.

Any nation that is experiencing acts of terrorism is so far out of balance that the next step is to become a failed state.