Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Prevent the Coming Global War

Watching the events unfold over the last two presidencies, we can see that this new Republican president is potentially following the same cycle as George W. Bush and the events associated with the Iraq War, but with more extreme measures. As President Trump takes office, he is facing great resistance. Our Light Source Invention demonstrates that Trump's reactions to the intolerance is taking the next cycle more extreme, and the next cycle starts with war.

Donald Trump is functioning outside of his capacity. He has no prior government experience. He is used to having "yes men and women" around him, giving orders and having them obeyed. He doesn't know how to work with Congress, or other governments, and so we are losing our allies. Last week, Trump alienated Mexico, and this week, with the immigration ban, our relationship with the UK is starting to show cracks. The UK has a very large Muslim population. We cannot rely on the United Nations or NATO. Trump's ambassador to the United Nations announced the president's intention to reform the U.N. or he will "take their names." If nothing prevents the cycle from progressing, this coming war will be the United States against the entire planet, and it will be fought on American soil.

One of the choices mankind has had for our future is the rise of one individual to become emperor of the planet. The Iraq War collapsed the U.S. power base, and other world leaders have used this as their opportunity to take their power games to the next level. The power games no longer work, and what appeared to be their grand opportunity has been met with backlashes. It is in no one's best interest for one individual to become emperor of the planet.

In a war, the principle that brings the pendulum back to the midpoint is Equality. The next step in the cycle is genocide, and the principle that brings the pendulum back to the midpoint--what people who have been dragged into a genocide lack--is Liberty. The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, and the solution to the crisis is here. The international government will guarantee to every person on the planet their inalienable rights to be able to create their life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government--which is the principles that ends terrorism.

As we learned at our prayer circle, the difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven there is a solution to your crisis. Mankind still can avert this global feud from devolving by working together to create the international government.

While the United States goes through our crisis, other world leaders are forcing their own agendas also. If the other nations stand back and watch the United States go through the Republican/Democrat Genocide, and the collapse of the two party system, we can avert a global war and genocide.