Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ladies of the Green Kirtle

C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia series as allegory for this time period, and at this time, the potential independent members of our organization are immersed in "The Silver Chair," which is based on the game of Greed, but the game goes beyond just stealing from someone. It includes elements of two other power games, and both weave an illusion. One is genocide and the other is slavery.

The villain of the story is the Lady of the Green Kirtle. She is doing a hostile takeover of Narnia. She traps the prince in a Silver Chair and weaves a strong illusion around him to keep him trapped. Two children and a Narnian are sent by Aslan, the lion, to free him, and to do that, they must overcome many plots and the main illusion that keeps him trapped.

C.S. Lewis said that behind every story is a white witch, and he was referring to a sociopath--someone with a narcissistic personality disorder. Like a poisonous spider, he or she draws others into a web of deceit. The Ladies of the Green Kirtle are trapped in the White Witch's illusion with a form of mental illness. She is functioning outside of her capacity. She is wielding immense power, but she knows she is a fake, and lies to protect her security. She cannot tolerate the truth. In the Silver Chair, when the heroes battle the Lady, she becomes a huge green snake, and she twists and turns and weaves the illusion. She cannot be backed into a corner.

This same crisis is occurring within several nations, including the United States. It is happening within our organization. We are average people who have been thrust into a position of power, and have no problem with accepting power as long as we function from within our own capacity. But those who have grabbed for the power, are stealing the plans, and see this as their grand opportunity to get their life, they know they are fakes and have trapped men with power and work to control them. It is not just the women, there are cases of men who are doing this too. What they hold onto has become a trap.

In the future, every person on the planet will function from within his or her own capacity. Each of us will learn what our talents and gifts are, and find a niche, and market it with family to create a family niche, and then market our family niche with our friends. This is how the prosperous families from the past created dynasties.

It takes one individual in the family to start the process. In our organization, the process is starting with me. I am a channel and my gift from our Creator is to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." I am working to introduce the plan for the international government, and the principles we stand on create a framework of projects. I am introducing fifty innovative project ideas, and offering them to average people who will function from within their own capacity to create the projects. Only enough information has been introduced to open them to debate. As they create their own plans, they draw in investors, who will share in the process.

As we become advisers to the governments, we cannot accept any form of bribes or coercion. The way to prevent us from falling into a trap, we must already be getting our life, but it must be based on sharing our own talents and gifts with others. No one can do another's project because it is based on our talents and gifts.