Saturday, January 21, 2017

Money, money, money....

This afternoon, President Trump visited the CIA, and during his speech, commented that the United States should have taken Iraq's oil when we had the chance, and then that another opportunity to gain control of the oil may arise.

There are five main power games that are played by governments, and people in general play all of them plus two more. The five games are associated with acts of revenge. The media source commented that Donald Trump was attempting to gaslight the CIA. Gaslighting implies weaving an illusion, and two of the power games associated with acts of revenge involve a sense of illusion--Lust, which leads to slavery, and Envy, which leads to genocide.

It is important to understand how to identify the games, how they work and why they don't work.

The power games are based on a sense of lack. The game of Lust is played by people who believe they lack intimacy, and revenge is a means to a goal. What Donald Trump wants by playing this power game is a combination of a voice and a sense of abundance.

Why am I bringing this up here? Our organization has been dealing with several men who have been trapped by women who are playing the power game of Lust. It is not that they desire a sexual relationship, it is a form of slavery or entrapment based on the woman grabbing for a better way of life. It is a hostile takeover bid.

The plan for the international government enables every person on the planet to function on a higher level, but it is based on sharing one's talents and gifts, and making a series of win-win agreements.  Win-win agreements create a sense of trust and set the stage for future agreements.

Seth uses the example of two people, one has a car and the other has the money to buy the gas. Together, they can go anywhere they want, and it builds a sense of trust. Once the gas runs out, another opportunity arises, and the next choice takes them further.

For example, Iraq has vast oil reserves, but needs food. The United States is a breadbasket but we need oil. This offers the potential for a win-win agreement. Once the trade has been made, what other opportunities are there? With each win-win agreement, you multiply your potential, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times.

This is known as the cooperation of nature.

Consider what occurs economically during an act of war. NO one comes out ahead. Even the land is torn apart with the effects of the conflict, and no one prospers until the rifts are healed.

C.S. Lewis wrote a story, one of the Narnia Series--"The Silver Chair"--about this power game. It is a story of a hostile takeover of a kingdom. The queen is killed by the Lady of the Green Kirtle,  who can transform herself into a green snake, and the prince goes off to fight the snake, but the Lady of the Green Kirtle is wily, and weaves an illusion that traps the prince.

The California segment of the organization is particularly vulnerable to this power game because many men seem to be a "good catch." The California Community Property Law has created a society based on trophy wives, and it has created family genocides and ripples of sociological crises have spun off from this law.

The solution is the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which enables people who lack a financial foundation to assume responsibility for their own life rather than to depend on another person. The first stage of the Constitutional Amendment proposal involves bringing together the channels, and it is up to us to help people to understand what their talents and gifts are and to bring people together to create win-win agreements.

Donald Trump prides himself as being a man who knows how to make a deal. Now, everyone on the planet can make deals that enable everyone to function on a higher level.