Friday, January 20, 2017

We must play by the rules to create our projects

The adult level of this organization consists of two parts--the inventors and the investors. At this time, the two parts are divided. The first step must be to bring them together.

Ideas for fifty innovative inventions and projects were introduced and opened to debate, and offered to specific people, but they have not understood how to create their projects. The inventors are people with the capacity to create the projects, but have never been able to achieve a solid financial foundation. When the inventors started to work on their projects, the biggest obstacle in their minds has been how to get the funding to bring it about. The project ideas were channeled by Karen Holmes, a Seth channel from Oregon. Only enough information has been offered by Seth to open the ideas to debate. 

The investors all have something in common, besides living in California and being clustered around another Seth channel. They lost half of their wealth as the result of the California Community Property Law.  The California segment focuses on the legal system. One of the organization's exempt purposes is to purify the U.S. legal system. This part of the potential independent members are very capable people, but cannot function on a higher level except by working with the inventors. The California Community Property Law set the stage for family-level genocides, and ripples of social crises that have gone out from their divorces.

We are therefore looking at an organization hostile takeover campaign in the form of a corporate raid that turned into a character defamation campaign, a state-level genocide based on the California Community Property Law, and a global genocide based on the preemptive strike on Iraq. We have our first two proposals to solve all these crises. 

The inventors gravitated toward the investors, but during our hostile takeover, the project ideas were pirated and turned over to the inventors and investors. The pirates have no connection to the source of the information, but seem to have all the power because people equate ideas, like money and power.  Just enough information about any project has been introduced and opened to debate, but not enough to bring it to fruition. This has backed the inventors and the investors into the proverbial corner. It has also backed the pirates into the corner. What seemed like an easy corporate raid based on theft of intellectual property turned out to be an impossible goal to achieve.

The truth is that no one can do another's project. Each project is based on one's talents and gifts.  

The Track Our Progress planning steps for every government proposal starts with the introduction of the proposal and the second step is to bring in the organization's independent members. It takes all 200 people to create a project, but the focus is on the first independent members who come in with each proposal. This allows everyone to function on a higher level, but everyone must be willing to share their talents and gifts.

If you compare the World Peace Movement to the rise of personal computers, people had to allow Bill Gates and Steve Jobs the time and space to start their businesses, and it made more sense to buy a computer than to try to outsmart Gates and Jobs or do a hostile takeover of Microsoft and Apple back when most people used calculators to balance their checkbooks.  

The Exit Strategy for Iraq brings in the professional publishing team. The books enable the two parts of the organization to come together based on a common history with Seth, who is the architect of the plan for the international government. Just as important is what is written in the books. They are channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis, based on the power games that have been played during this global genocide, and the books and training/crisis center are vital for people's survival. 

Mankind is now looking at the lessons associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq:

  1. Where does true power come from?
  2. Why did the "hostile takeover" of Iraq fail?
  3. Does the U.S. foreign policy of regime change work? 
  4. Does revenge work? 
  5. What are the power games?
  6. How to you end the conflict? 
The channels have been given a huge amount of information, and the spiritual hierarchy will not return until we actually start to apply the information in our own lives. It is up to our organization to demonstrate the potential of our organization and this information to solve problems, but we must play by the rules to create our projects. Seth will not give us any more information until two more channels are willing to share their talents and gifts.

Everyone is backed into the corner, and the solution is to stop playing the power games and turn around and go through the door, which leads to joining the organization framework.

This is not that hard to imagine doing. 

If you are an executive in a large company, but also an alcoholic or drug addict, and you are spiraling down to the point where you cannot cover up your addiction and you lose your financial foundation, your home and your family, to rebuild your life, you must let go of what is dragging you into the abyss. You cannot continue to fool yourself into believing the lies that drugs and alcohol allow you to function on a higher level in any way. You must let them go, and it takes someone who has already gone through the same crisis to demonstrate that it is possible to rise out of the crisis, because they are one step ahead of you and are willing to hold your hand. 

This is where we are as an organization. We are one step ahead of the governments in overcoming our power games, demonstrating that you cannot get your life by playing the games. 

This is why the books are so important, and why they were pirated, but the pirates are not standing on the principles of letting go of the power games. 

Universal Law is the first lesson to creating a project. Are you willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law? Will it be a punishment or a tool to help you get the life you want? 

To bring both sides together, we must separate the inventors and the investors into the two parts, but combine them based on channeling information to help everyone rise out of their crises based on the backlashes of Universal Law. One side has the books and the other side has the capacity to bring together the channels. Both allow the channels to share talents gifts, and to create a solid financial foundation from our gifts from our Creator. It is up to us to help others to discover their gifts, too. 

The funding we get to create our projects must come from the people, not from the investors. We must sell our newsletters and books, which teach the principles and the application of the principles to get our funding. 

It is up to our organization to help nations discover their niches, too. The United States and England are first, based on the Exit Strategy for Iraq. For the United States it is our Constitution, and for England it is unification and conflict resolution based on Oxford and Stonehenge.