Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Law, One Principle

This morning we will look at the foundation of the legal system of the international government, and the one principle it must stand on for it to be accepted by every person on the planet.

At this time, mankind is facing a Moment of Choice for the future of our planet. Mankind has been backed into the proverbial corner, with two apparent untenable options. We have the existing international structure that has proven to be unable to end or prevent wars and genocides, and if we continue to rely on it, we will arrive shortly at the edge of the abyss--global war. We have the rise of the Caliphate, or, like a King of the Mountain competition, one individual will attempt to rise to the top and become the Emperor of the planet. No one is in agreement for one individual to become Emperor of the planet, so his or her attempt will be based on taking the power games to the next level, and will also lead to global war.

The unseen third option is the creation of the international government, but there have also been attempts to corrupt the idea by world leaders who see the inevitability of an international government, but also the opportunity to control its creation.  The only international government that will be accepted will be the one where all the world leaders are considered equal. Equality is one of the seven principles that create a sense of balance.

The justification for the creation of the Caliphate is based on a prophecy, but prophecy is based on a potential future, and therefore there is the possibility for different outcomes. It can be that it will come about if you continue on the same path, or it can require you to change what you believe for it to come about, like encouraging you to make necessary changes in your life. Extremist Muslims interpret the prophecy as justification to murder people, but that is a misunderstanding. Seen from the wider perspective, the prophecy can apply to the creation of the international government.

Muslims are not the only people who misinterpret the teachings of the prophets. All of the religions rely on power games that go against the principles of Universal Law.

Muslims may say that the overview law is Sharia, because it comes from God, but religion is a cultural interpretation of Universal Law, so Sharia is only the overview law of the Muslim religion. None of the other religions will agree to instating Sharia Law over the entire planet.

The true overview Law is Universal Law, because it applies to every atom in the Universe, and every atom in the Universe covers a huge amount of territory. Bigger than huge, it includes from one end of the universe to the other and to all the dimensions, because scientists have yet to discover that each atom is a Universe in itself, full of potential. (Our books explain this further.)  There is a Universe within a Universe within a Universe.

Related to the creation of the proposed international government at this time, we are only addressing one of the Universal Laws, and that is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect--also known as the Golden Rule. At this time, every person on the planet has been exposed to this law that says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Not all people apply that Law in his or her own life. No one has the right to take the life of another individual.

The Universe has three levels--the Principles, the Power and the Project. God is seen as the Father, (the Mother was for all intents and purposes left out of the picture in antiquity), and the Son. We are all the creation of our Creator, and therefore the Project, but whatever part of the Universe you look at has the same three levels. If the Principle level is left out, that is when mankind creates by default, and we are responsible for undoing the damage we have done to regain our Power--to bring the female aspect of the Universe back into the picture.

The international government will be based on the principles of Universal Law, and that will peg mankind on a very high level. That will give the international government the opportunity to have the power it needs to insure to every person on the planet his or her inalienable rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," that U.S. founding fathers declared in our Constitution. The application of the combined principles and power levels will be the laws that are created by the legislative branch.

The international government will function on a far higher level than the U.S. government does because no one will be left out of the international government except by their own choice.