Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How can sociopaths be stopped from playing their oppressive power games?

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to get his or her life. That does not mean if someone wants a penthouse on Park Avenue he or she will be given one. One's life is defined here as fulfilling that person's purpose in life. The plan for the international government therefore must address all the social crises we are facing as a planet. 

One of our organization's exempt purposes is to offer loans to independent members to create clinics for healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 
The existing global structure has no cures for some of the crises, and so we are working with the spiritual hierarchy to find the root cause of the crisis, and then with the planning process, we can find the solution. Then, it is up to us to assume responsibility for creating the clinics.

There is no cure, according to the mental health experts, for the sociopath. We have been dealing with three or more sociopaths, who are working together as part of a hostile takeover of our organization. We call them "white witches" from the allegorical Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis. 

The sociopaths in our organization have been playing oppressive power games to take over the organization. They are playing the role of the allegorical devil. According to Lady Gaia, no one is evil, and the only definition she can use is that someone is dragging you backwards in your progress. 

Our mental health clinics won't be created until after the Full Training Session, when all the independent members come together to prepare for the conference in Europe. The clinics start with two classes, and the family members will attend the classes to find out how to deal with the sociopaths. The sociopaths will be invited to all the organization events, except for the Inventor/Investor Parties, by their family members. At the Full Training Session, the sociopaths will be there if they are invited to come by their family members who will assume responsibility for security. If they play any power games, their family will send them home on the first plane, and their clothing will be sent home by UPS. 

If the project is the "You Will See" Shakespeare play, the sociopaths won't become the producer of the play, but will be asked to participate by the producer, who will be given responsibility for the play at the Full Training Session. That won't occur until the sociopaths stop playing their power games that are so oppressive to the people and the family takes the classes and assumes responsibility for security issues. 

We have the first act of the play only. Its first performance will be at the conference in Europe for the world leaders and other delegates. Imagine how the games must end to insure security at the conference. 

The sociopaths may seem to have power, but they are not functioning based on the principles of Creativity. You cannot get your life by playing power games.