Saturday, January 14, 2017

Defending my right to share my talents and gifts

The economic foundation for the proposed international government is the cooperation of nature, which involves everyone sharing his or her talents and gifts with others in a series of win-win agreements. This is the basis for the Global Renaissance.

Our talents and gifts are given to us by our Creator, and every person on the planet, no matter how wealthy, or intelligent, has one or more gifts. We are given them by our Creator to enable us to fulfill our purpose.

But, what if people are prejudiced against the gift? What if our gift is to be a prophet, a seer or a healer?

The Bible says to beware of false prophets. How do you know who the false prophets are?

Many years ago, I was sitting with the woman who is parallel to the DRCongo, and we read an article in the news that little children in Kinshasa were being thrown out of their homes because they were spooking their parents, who considered them to be witches and didn't know how else to deal with them. As Seth says in "A Manual for Peace," children nowadays are Indigo Children, and they remember Heaven. They are more spiritually advanced than their parents, and the parents try to beat it out of them because they don't understand these children. She wrote a letter to the ambassador to the DRCongo defending the children, saying they are Indigo children, not witches, and got a reply to mind her own business. That made her not want to be part of the plan for the international government. Now it is time for her to return, because mankind must evolve to the point where everyone has the right to share their talents and gifts.

In the Illusion, everything is backwards. The people you push away are those who can help you get the life you want, and the one's you hold onto cannot help you.

As the planet makes its ascension, it is logical that some people will go forward ahead of others, but the intolerance is very oppressive.

The first people to come into the framework, starting with the independent members of this organization, are the channels. We are the prophets, the seers and the healers. It is our responsibility to help others know what their talents and gifts are.

God never intended for there to be anyone who had to speak for them, but this is a transition concept until everyone can speak to God and hear them, too. Eventually, everyone will be able to do that. Until that day, it is important to use discernment when you listen to the message of a channel, and remember that you are the "captain of your own ship."

Our technology team is in crisis right now, not only from the hostile takeover of our organization, but because they are concerned, for example, that our innovative technological inventions and the newsletters are spiritually-based. Some of them would rather just take their inventions higher based on pure worldly concepts and forego the battle with those who are purely technological.

Our solution at Oxford is to offer our books on the Unified Field Theory, and if the professors like what they are reading, they can ask questions--any question they want. Imagine, we are average people, and there is no way that we can know more than Stephen Hawking on the subject of mathematics and cosmology. The professors at Oxford and Cambridge are the top experts in their fields. To be able to teach them something that takes their field of knowledge to the next level is beyond anything you can find on the internet.

If you could talk to God personally, what would you ask?

As people come into the framework, each of us will be a bridge to the next person to come in. My gift from God is to be able to communicate with "anyone on the other side." I channel the spiritual hierarchy and the past kings, queens and presidents of history, and can bridge between, for example, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

This is one way to discern false prophets, who only know what can be found on the internet or in books. They cannot function on a higher level than what exists now. If we can prove the teachings to the top experts in their fields by answering their questions, then they can take the teachings to the higher level and teach the people.

Each month we will be offering a new trade book on the application of the principles, and we will answer questions. We will share our talents and gifts with the people in general at group channeling sessions on the community level, and draw in the lightbearers around the world as we go on our tours, and they can start their own clinics and schools in their own communities.

I have the right to share my talents and gifts with others, and one of the groups of people are the senators, Supreme Court justices and even the president of the United States. We will purify the U.S. legal system and address the unfair and contradictory laws that have caused chaos in the system to prevent them from spreading chaos onto the international level.

 One of my organization's goals is to enable people to have satisfying and fulfilling jobs, and the way to start is to base employment on our talents and gifts rather than settling for working at a job you may not like just to be able to make enough to pay the bills. We start the process with our Multiply Our Resources Club, starting with the members of the original prayer circle. This is the start of the global renaissance.

Many Americans voted for Donald Trump because he projects the image of prosperity. If each of us is the captain of our own ship, it is time to turn it around and get back on track, and assume responsibility for creating our own prosperity, and that is by basing our financial foundation on what we love to do and is easy to share with others--our talents and gifts.

One more thing. A hint and a request. Please be tolerant to our technology team and reassure them that it is OK for our Creator to speak about fourth and fifth dimensional technology, and that is is OK for whales to speak about the oceans, because from their perspective, they know more about than we do. What would you ask a whale if you had the opportunity to do so?