Sunday, June 12, 2016

The overview must come first

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is the first proposal, and it appears to be an Iraqi proposal, but it is a U.S. economic stimulus plan that allows the United States to plug the drain on our economy to the Middle East.

The United States placed into power in Iraq a segment of the population that is not the overview concept, and it kicked Iraq off course to their goal of being sovereign and prosperous. The new government did not evolve from within the culture so it will never be accepted as legitimate and so there will always be resistance.

The overview must come first, in Iraq and also in the creation of the proposed international government. The Iraqi government is spiraling down because their government is not doing what is in everyone's best interest, and the entire planet is spiraling down because the international structure does not treat all people and all nations fairly and equally.

The United States can be considered the overview perspective of the planet. We are a melting pot of cultures and religions, and because of our Constitution, which guarantees to every American our inalienable rights, we function on a higher level than most other nations.

The U.S. federal government is the overview concept of the United States, and it allows each of the individual states to be sovereign, but also the opportunity to function on a higher level as part of the union.This form of government, if instated as a separate layer of government over what already exists, has the capacity to allow every nation to function on a higher level, and every citizen of the planet the same inalienable rights to function on a higher level.

The United Nations can be considered the overview perspective, but its Charter is not a constitution, so it is not a government. Under its auspices, the United States attempts to go into other nations, like a big brother, and helps to solve crises, but a better way to function is to allow the United Nations to fade into history and to solve the problems by working to create the international government, and allow the departments made up of experts in their fields from every nation to solve the problems. The United States sends foreign aid to other nations, but it is done at the expense of its own people. With the shared resources of the planet, the international government can solve the problems far better.

Within our organization, the first family to come into the framework based on the cooperation of nature is not the overview perspective of nations. This family is parallel to Iraq. This family has experienced the same crisis that Iraq is facing. The Iraq conflict devolved as a global conflict--the overview crisis. The worst case scenario for the planet, because ripples of effects have gone out to bring in every person on the planet, and he existing international structure has proven it cannot end or prevent wars and genocides. What is more, the vast majority of the population of the planet consider the United Nations to be the overview international structure, and so the entire planet is on the proverbial slippery slope.

The rise of ISIS will always meet resistance because it is in no one's best interest for one individual to be emperor of the planet. That individual is not the overview perspective, but functions for his or her own best interest. and rises to power because he or she equates power and military strength or money. These are ideas that must not be equated because if you lose your money, your lose your power. If you face a stronger army, you lose your power and the war. The overview individual functions as a servant of the people to enable everyone to function on a higher level, and carries mankind forward in our evolution.

The Iraqis want to be equal to everyone else, and allowed to live their life without interference. This is one of the inalienable rights granted to every person on the planet. Participation in the international government allows the Iraqis these rights, and this is why so many people around the world, especially those who have been oppressed, have become affiliate members of our organization.

The second family to come in is parallel to the United States, and the man who is the overview perspective is facing resistance from members of his family--his other brothers--who are very likely parallel to other nations. The oldest brother is mostly likely parallel to Somalia. This brother would like the opportunity to function on a higher level, but doesn't see how it can come about. To get his life on a higher level, he must function on a higher level. He cannot get his life by getting revenge and his support through piracy. He must turn inside Somalia to find his niche, too.

The first issue to address on a global level is that disputes between nations must be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to support the people instead. The first dispute ends the global conflict, but it won't be the last case. The international court system will handle cases between nations, such as what is occurring now between the Somalia and the United States. The dispute does not have to go to court. It may be resolved peacefully out of court as the creation of the international government progresses.

The first eight nations all fell into crisis due to a sense of judgment. The United States is one of them. In this presidential election we are seeing an example of this. There is strong support for a candidate who is being called racist, and who favors building a big wall to keep Mexicans out, and who would like to deport Muslim Americans.  His supporter's focus is on the sense of abundance and prosperity that can come from supporting a prosperous businessman who never ran for office before.

Eventually, the World Peace Movement will reach the individual level, and each of us on the planet will realize that we are responsible for our own prosperity and have to make it come about in our own lives. No government, or even another individual, has the capacity to create our life. It is up to us to do that.

Our overview relationship is with our Creator. We are first citizens of the Universe, which is more than a huge number of stars floating in an empty space. The Universe functions on twelve dimensions and is sentient. Mankind exists as part of the Creation. Every atom of our Universe is subject to Universal Law. This is the true overview perspective, and to function outside of it creates chaos. The overview Law is Universal Law that says, "Do unto others as you would have others do to you."

To get peace, we must give peace. To get abundance, we must enable others to have a sense of abundance, too.