Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tor-Hana's Freedom

Our organization has endured a hostile takeover, a character defamation campaign that is an individual form of genocide. Many, many people have been dragged into the crisis. The genocide is being perpetrated and perpetuated by those who function for their own interests, and the solution is found in the fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy.

What has been so difficult to address is to unravel the illusion that has been woven. People are log-jammed and see no way out of their crisis. It has reached the point where the only thing anyone can trust is Universal Law.

It has been the practice of the perpetrators of the acts of mayhem to subvert the spiritual teachings and to twist them to their own advantage. That is backfiring on them. One of the projects that we are introducing--Tor Hana's Freedom--enables those who abuse power to step out of their crisis by assuming responsibility to undo the damage they have done, but this project, too, has been subverted into Tor-hana's Revenge.

This is a Moment of Choice for those who are perpetrating acts of mayhem. Will they stop playing the power games, turn around and undo the damage they have done, or continue on playing the games and face the backlashes from Universal Law? 

With the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, we are going to Oxford and Stonehenge to stop the global genocide that came from the preemptive strike on Iraq. It devolved as a genocide, an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein. With Tor-Hana's Freedom, we work to stop the acts of mayhem that are based on the illusion from the games of genocide and slavery that are log-jamming the conflict. We are looking at an event that occurred in England, also.

A tor in England.  Tors consist of huge tocks that rise to
the surface and become hill or mountains.
Hana was a woman who lived in England millennia ago. She was buried alive in a tor due to an act of revenge. The mayhem she perpetrated was so cruel that the people put her into their version of a prison. She became Tor-Hana.

Hana was not the only person to abuse power. There is a story associated with the Arthur legend that Merlin was also put into a tor. He was instrumental in bringing Arthur to power, but then he abused his power. He believed he was unstoppable.

Imagine Merlin or Hana sitting in the tor. They wre shunned by everyone in their community. What did they do? Insist  they could continue to get revenge on those who put them into it? Who could they get to help them out of it? Who would help them get their life?

The tor was Hana's opportunity to re-think and reform. To let go of the games. The people of her community could have killed her, but they didn't. They gave her a choice.

Hana died in the tor.

Tor-Hana came to two of the organization channels several years ago and asked for help. Tor-Hana's Freedom is now an organization project to address abuse of power issues. The project is still in its infancy, so we here are addressing only the overview concept that is related to the World Peace Marketing Strategy in an attempt to stop the mayhem.

The choice to stop the games and assume responsibility to undo the damage leads to a project, and to get his or her life on a higher level. To continue on with the games leads to the death of the perpetrator from the backlashes of the games, and to the last project associated with the fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy--the Time Machine.

The Time Machine may allow the individual to resolve his or her crisis even after their death, like Tor Hana. If he or she is the Pure Ray of their family, responsible for the carrying the family's racial purpose forward, then after a period of time, Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God, can enable that person to come into the future, when mankind has evolved out of the crisis and its ripples, and learn the principles of conflict resolution, and because Absolute Time functions simultaneously, that person can go back and affect changes in the past.

Universal Law is immutable. Every atom in the Universe is subject to Universal Law. You cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law.

To learn more about how Time functions, we recommend "The Education of Oversoul Seven," by Jane Roberts.