Thursday, June 9, 2016

Let's take a side trip to Somalia

Today, we are going to work to unravel one of the log-jammed issues that are preventing the plan for world peace from coming about.

Somalia is considered a failed state. There is a continuum of frequency around the world, and what separates Somalia from Iraq--the focus of our first proposal, and one that relates to conflict resolution-- is Yemen, which is on the brink of being a failed state, also. The Gulf Counsel plays an important role in stability of the region, but conflict is tearing the nations apart, and they are facing the opposite direction from what leads to stabilization.

Peace in the Middle East is possible only when they turn inside their nations to enable their people to prosper.

Somalia is shaped like a seven, and is divided into three parts. The southern part is considered the overview "family" concept of Somalia. The upper left corner is focused on creating a sense of legitimacy through Rule of Law, and the upper right corner, which sits between the other two parts, is focused on its improving its economy, but piracy plays an important part of its economy.

The family that is parallel to Somalia is made up of two brothers who were both at one time married to the same woman, who has assumed responsibility for the family. Each of the three has focused on different aspects of the law. She is the overview concept--more spiritual. More focused on Universal Law. One brother went to law school, the other brother could have gone to law school, too, but was more of a playboy--a musician. They are inextricably linked through family relationships, but each has a very different perspective. Each would like to get his or her life on a higher level, but is stymied by choices they have made in their life.

The brother who is "the Horn of Africa" points toward Yemen for his support. They all have a long history with Yemen, but the other's relationships are "watered down" by their other relationships, and each still has his or her prime focus.  Yemen has declared itself an ally of the United States on the War on Terror, and relies on the United States for funds to fight terrorism, oftentimes at the expense of their own people. Factions of Somalia have been sacrificed, too.

Africa is a continent with vast natural resources, and their African cultures go back to the beginning of time, but during the colonial period, the rulers of Europe changed everything. Third world nations oftentimes become "bank accounts" for the industrialized nations. The African nations are facing another major change now with the introduction of the proposed international government, and the choice between that and the caliphate.

The "playboy brother" sits and watches oil tankers and yachts pass through the Suez Canal. In days gone by, being boarded by Yemeni pirates would have turned into a party on the beach and a paying small ransom to leave, but then he got greedy and more violent.

Now, the nation is divided over the revenge against Saddam Hussein. Saddam has been gone many years, but the acts of revenge against him have sent out ripples of effects that have brought in many people. The playboy brother has seen this as his grand opportunity to get his life on a far higher level, just as Yemen has. He can't let go and turn his attention inside the country to enable his "family" to prosper. He keeps running afoul of the Rule of Law, which has become a major trap for him.

The first principle of the proposed international government is that everyone must function from within his or her capacity. That is difficult to do what you don't know what your capacity is.

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq allows England to return to its traditional role of conflict resolution. Somalia must return to its traditional role, too. Rather than to focus on western law, they must return to their roots of Universal Law. Western law evolved as the rulers of lands made laws that benefit them, but Universal Law is a spiritual law that benefits everyone.

What you do to someone else will be done to you. To get your life on a higher level, you must enable others to get the life they want, but the question for those who function for their own interests its, "who has what you want?"

You can't get your life by getting revenge.