Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Earth is facing its end of life crisis

The premise of our Track Our Progress segment is that the same crises occur on every level, so if you introduce a solution on one level, you can also apply it on the others.

We have our physical bodies, but we also live on the planet, and it has systems, too. Our blood is remarkably similar to sea water. Energy runs through planetary ley lines just as energy runs through our nervous system. (Our technology inventions will go into that in greater depth.)

Mankind is going through a global genocide, too, and the ripples of effects  have gone out and are affecting all the levels, including the planet.

Potential members of our organization have been faced with a disease--Prion Disease-- that we consider to be one of the weapons associated with genocides. The U.K. faced the animal form of Prion Disease Mad Cow Disease. Once the prions are ingested, ripples of symptons occur, too, and they spiral downward, just as with a genocide.  There is no cure for Prion Disease at this time within the established medical community, just as there is no established solution for a genocide.

No dairy farmer will purposely feed his cows food that will kill them. The prions are more likely the result of covert actions or a sting operation. The prions are ingested--the Grand Lie is told, and the illusion is woven, and it triggers amyloidosis, which creates a log-jamming effect against the nerves. If the farmer is dealing with a character defamation campaign, he not only has a problem with his cows, he has a problem with his relationships that create the log-jamming effect. Then, the next step is that he cannot deal with being drained of his resources. With no resources, he can't run his farm, and the next step is being denied a fair trial and he faces security issues. That is when he passes away, unless someone stands up to defend him--just like how a genocide functions.

On a parallel basis, the same thing is occurring on the Earth. The Grand Lie was told to justify the war in Iraq, and ripples of effects have gone out. The Illusion has been woven to bring religion into the conflict, and the truth does not overcome the lies. ISIS seems unstoppable. People who play the game of Greed are looting natural resources. An example of the Earth being drained of its resources is a machine is in production now, and may already be in use. It is a machine that has the capacity to extract minerals from the sea water, including precious minerals. What seems like a great idea to make certain people very wealthy will wipe mankind off the face of the planet. The ocean's minerals function as electrolytes, which play a vital role in how a body functions.

The next step is that the neurotransmitters are released as the nerves are destroyed, and the energy stops flowing through the ley lines. How do you get it started again?

My organization is standing up to defend the Earth. Our plan to stop the genocide is the Exit Strategy for Iraq. We are defending the Earth and Saddam Hussein.