Thursday, June 23, 2016

Who will defend the family?

Our organization has been dealing with a hostile takeover, just as the nations have been with the rise of ISIS. One individual sees himself or herself as the emperor of the planet, and is working to undermine the families, taking advantage of the Battles of Armageddon that are raging across the planet.

It is not bad to take advantage of the crisis. Entrepreneurs see the advantage, too, but do what is in everyone's best interest to solve the crisis, and function from their own capacity. It is in no one's best interest for one individual to be the emperor of the planet.

Armageddon means "the silly things people do." Armageddon is not the end of the world, necessarily, but the end of a cycle. The first battle of Armageddon occurs when one individual stands on the principles during a Moment of Choice, and it triggers the fears for security and support in another who is dependent on that individual. That person goes down into the power games. It can occur within families or nations.

An example of this is when Saddam Hussein protested that the sanctions placed on Iraq were oppressive, and it threatened the security and support of George W. Bush, who decided to get revenge on Saddam Hussein. A series of ripples have gone out from the preemptive strike.

The battles of Armageddon bring others into the conflict, including people who take advantage of the conflict. The individual who wants to become emperor of the planet is offering those who went down into the games by getting revenge on Saddam Hussein the opportunity to function on a higher level, but the offer is based on weaving an illusion.

This is why our organization is introducing the proposals one at a time, and working to release the log-jam. The first issue is that disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, which is a higher form of functioning than global conflict.

Those who are standing on the principles, like Saddam Hussein, are driven out of the family. Their question is "What can I do?" The solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest. That involves using the crisis to create or participating in a project that benefits everyone. By working through the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy projects, it defends the family and helps to unravel the illusion that has been woven.

The first to come into the World Peace Movement are those who stand on the principles. It is our responsibility to teach the principles to those who were overcome by fears for their security and support. They must assume responsibility for their own security and support to regain the power they lost by getting revenge.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal comes first, and it is a U.S. economic stimulus plan. It contingency is that the United States amend our Constitution to create an additional layer of government over what already exists. The United States went down into acts of revenge, and now we are facing our fears. When George W. Bush declared "we will fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here," he insured that we will fight them here. Now, to solve this crisis, we must do what is in everyone's best interest, and allow Saddam Hussein to be defended.

Saddam Hussein will defend his own family, Iraq--even from the grave--through a book that will be published soon. "The Faith of the Pure Ray" is a collaboration by Lady Gaia and I AM That I AM, Jesus, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Muhammad, Rama, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Karol Wojtyla and Saddam Hussein. They are unifying the world's seven major religions. The money from the book will go to rebuild Iraq.