Saturday, June 25, 2016

Setting the Princes Free

In an earlier post, I talked about the men who are trapped by women who play the power game of Greed--Ladies of the Green Kirtle from the allegorical story, "The Silver Chair" by C.S. Lewis. Today, will go into that further.

The allegorical stories are tools that enable the Crisis in the Family segment to resolve the crises. At this time, the allegorical stories appear to be the opportunity for the woman who is playing out the White Witch to perpetrate acts of violence on others, but in the future, the Family Plan segment will help families come back together by a kind of role-playing concept. Now, we are offering a way for the men who are trapped in a Silver Chair by a woman to be freed.

When the Grand Lie is told, the truth does not overcome the lie. Ripples of effects to out to draw more and more people into the crisis. the ripples log-jam and reinforce the others.

The overview person who is being trapped is Karen Holmes, a channel whose gift from God is to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." There are men who are playing the power game of Greed, also, and to be free, she must demonstrate that the importance of the Four Rules, which are that what you do must benefit everyone, that you must work on your project every day, that you must bring in people to help you, and no one can prevent you from getting your life. These rules allow you to overcome the resistance to your plan.

In the nearly ten years since the harassment started, Holmes has continued to make great progress in creating the plan for the international government. What has kept the organization from coming together is the illusion that has been woven. She understands that the ultimate conclusion of the power game of Greed is that the player of the power game ends up with nothing, but people keep trying to take what is not theirs to have.

Holmes and the men who are playing the game of Greed are playing out "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," by C.S. Lewis. She is Lucy, and they are the monopods, the people who are invisible and are immature. They would like to be "beautiful people" but due to a fear of failure, they cannot walk forward to create their life. They appear in "The Last Battle" as the dwarves who remain in the stable, and think that the feast that Aslan prepares for them is trampled lettuce leaves. As she demonstrates that it is possible for someone to rise from the very bottom of the socio-economic scale, they should understand that they can apply the same process in their life, too.

The rule for setting free the men is that children are welcome to become part of the organization, too, but they need one parent to be willing to share his or her talents and gifts. When parents separate and divorce, the child may choose to live with the parent that plays the power games rather than the one who is standing on the principles. This rule allows the children to bring in both parents.

When you come from a sense of lack, the fears can overcome you, and you begin to grab for what you lack. Holmes has been on the bottom of the scale for a long time, and what is stopping the next family from coming in is the judgment against her. Judgment is what has gotten the first eight nations into trouble.

Karen Holmes is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and is responsible for the Exit Strategy for Iraq. She is the founder and director of the organization, which as of today has affiliate members in 85 nations.