Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Progressing to the family level

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the ambassadors in Washington DC, and declared the end of the military competition for power and the beginning of an economic race based on the plan for the international government. This paradigm shift takes disputes off the battlefield, and turns the world leaders inside their country to create a sense of prosperity for everyone. In terms of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, fourth row people suddenly become second row people, because they must work within their countries rather than outside the country.

The second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for people who have been affected financially by the conflict, and it helps them to assume responsibility for their own financial support. It starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray, which unifies the seven major religions--which ends the global conflicts based on religions--and it teaches people the principles of how to create the life you want.

It turns people inside their family, and inside their nation, to create a financial foundation rather than grabbing it from another nation or family, and therefore facing the backlashes from the power games.

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those people who care only for their own interests. We all fit into that segment in regards to another's family or another's nation. We have no right to interfere in another's life, and most of us don't like being dragged into another family's disputes. What family or nation is free of conflict? The projects associated with the fourth row segment demonstrate how to "walk the straight and narrow," which are principles taught by the religions, so rather than to fight, it is possible to turn around and work within the family to create a sense of prosperity, which is what is necessary to end the conflicts. It also demonstrates what happens to those who chose to continue to perpetrate acts of revenge and mayhem, and how they leave themselves out of the plan for world peace.