Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spam X 470,000

Last week, the arrest of one of the world's ten most notorious spammers was announced in the media. He is a Russian. It was reported that his wife said he had confessed to influencing the US presidential election.

The election is not the only target of Russian spammers. Our website forum has also been spammed, and we are in the process of deleting tens of thousands of pages of pharmaceutical ads and links to Russian shopping and porn sites.

Why would anyone waste his or her time posting hundreds of thousands of ads on a forum? It is to waste everyone's time, and to make spending legitimate time on the forum so frustrating that people walk away. Those who play the power games do so not to stop a movement, but postpone it to the point where people lose interest, or worse, resort to covert and overt criminal acts to stop people from working together for the common good.

When Jesus was Nazareth was crucified, he prayed for those who were persecuting him, saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

One of the inalienable rights each of us has granted to us by our Creator is to be able to have a voice in our government, but the powerful elite's financial support is based on the existing structure, and so when a movement starts, or even a great idea is introduced, they resist the change. They see their power games as their grand opportunity to get their life, and so they grab for it.

The spammers don't see the potential to be part of the global renaissance, but it is not just the Russian spammers who are attempting to postpone the plan for the international government. Every project has its boogiemen, and that is just part of the planning process. The idea is to keep going until the plan demonstrates its potential to bring in the people.

In other words, don't allow the boogiemen to interfere in your life. Keep walking forward.

It will take days to delete all that spam, and hours of each day to keep the forum up and running, and offering every person on the planet their opportunity to have a voice in their government. Under Universal Law, by giving others their opportunity to have a voice in their government, we will be granted the same right.