Monday, April 24, 2017

Drama Queens, May I have your attention, please?

William Shakespeare
Every project starts out with a plan, and then in the first step in its creation, is attacked by "boogiemen." You could say they are pirates, or the naysayers, or the people who put down the idea, and by doing so, they shoot themselves in the proverbial foot. This is probably the main reason your plan must benefit everyone, and why it is so important to keep walking forward. Eventually, you must draw in everyone, including those who are limping along after you.

In "Transformation to a New You," Queen Victoria explains the difference between average people and the powerful elite. Average people want to remain anonymous. Maybe the battle is actually with ourselves, that the person who is creating the project must come out of his or her comfort zone, and powerful elite who normally draw attention to themselves are limping along and everyone is aware that they have perpetrated an historic and horrific faux pas.

Several years ago, I channeled the first act of a play with William Shakespeare, called "You Will See." It is not up to me to hand out projects, but it is something of a carrot on a string dangling in front of a stubborn mule, and all the while the "drama queen" is running full speed trying to prove her capacity to do another's project.

William Shakespeare will not return to complete the final acts of the play until all the other projects are moving forward in their progress, so those who would be first are last to come in--actually next to last, because the international government is last. It won't come until everyone is ready for it to come, even those who function entirely for themselves. 

The world leaders are aware of the plan, and they are the powerful elite and have their own agendas. They are proving their capacity, but if they are doing what is only in their best interests, they are doing what is in no one's best interest. Many know about the plan for world peace, and so our focus now turns to the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and working to overcome the traumatic effects of their oppressive power games, and taking Oxford and Stonehenge to the next level related to conflict resolution.

This morning, we are adding a new link to the World Peace Marketing Strategy in the form of a blog for the "You Will See" play. Its first performance, once everyone comes together, will be at the conference in Europe for the world leaders.