Monday, April 24, 2017

The Armenian Genocide still causing ripples today

Today is the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. It seemed so long ago, but the ripples of effects are still going out today. This post draws together one of those ripples from what occurred in Armenia with what is occurring within England now and many other parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the United States.

About a year ago, I came across an article on the internet about a young couple who are searching for a cure for prion disease. Doctors have diagnosed the wife, Sonia Vallabh, with what they believe is a genetic form of prion disease, and they have formed Prion Alliance, a nonprofit organization, to search for the cure. What  I found remarkable is that her mother was a victim of the Armenian genocide, and she faced her own persecution.

When I first heard about Mad Cow Disease in England in the 1990s, I wondered what kind of farmer would feed his or her cattle tainted feed.  Obviously, no farmer would. It would have to be an act of sabotage, and the ripples of effects go out from that event, because having to kill the cows is a financial crisis, and the land is affected, and apparently future generations of the farmer's family are also at risk.

Prion disease is a physical manifestation of a genocide, and the ripples of effects go out in the body just as they do in the environment. Prions are very difficult to destroy in the body and in the environment, so parts of England are tainted, and the effects continue to be manifested in the people. There must be some sort of conflict resolution, also, and a form that not only ends the battles but also stops the ripples of effects.

What is occurring in these parts of the world are tragic, but what is horrifying is that the conflict in Iraq devolved as a global genocide, and effects of prion disease must be stopped to prevent the entire planet from falling into this crisis.

With a genocide, just as in Armenia, the perpetrators believe they have been victimized, and so they are getting revenge, and so their acts, just as in Armenia, are deliberate. The Iraq War devolved not as a war, but as a genocide, and therefore the acts of war perpetrated by the US military and British military are acts of genocide. The United States was not attempting to perpetrate ethnic cleansing on the Iraqi people, but the character defamation of Saddam Hussein was an act of revenge, which is made up of five power games, and one of them is genocide.

Our trip to Oxford and Stonehenge will help to help to end the global genocide that started as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq. When we go to England for the Exit Strategy for Iraq, we will address the definition of genocides, and we will work to unify the entire planet.

Stonehenge was the site of many ancient rites, and the kings and queens who went there left gold and other valuables in payment. Obviously there were no banks or other places of safe-keeping, so the locals were paid in gold for their contributions to the building fund and the feasts, and stashes of these artifacts have been found buried in the farmer's fields. The last conflict resolution rite held there led to it being vandalized, and so it was obviously not a war but an act of revenge, and one of the power games associated with revenge is greed. Imagine what a target Stonehenge became for conquest.

The wise men (and women) who officiated at the conflict resolution rites didn't know how to end a genocide, and so the structure has sat dormant for all these years. It will be rejuvenatated, and will evolve to the next level, and part of that will help to heal the effects of the prion disease in England and the rest of the world.

In the future, our organization is planning to build a healing arts center, and we will address the effects of the Seven Deadly Sins there. Just like in England, people will come here from all over the world to overcome the effects of the Seven Deadly Sins, including prion disease.