Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The hare performs for the crowds

Our organization is working to introduce ideas for fifty innovative inventions that help to solve the crises mankind is facing, and they all will follow the same planning process. One independent member will become boss of the project and teach the principles of the projects to the next level, which is the Flower of Life level. 

The planning process starts with an idea... and then comes the idea that what you have is so remarkable that your head is in the proverbial clouds, and as you walk forward into the planning process, you are so elated that you have no idea of the abyss that is just under your foot. You become a fool. People around you become jealous of your grand opportunity. Your first thought is, "World peace is possible!" and it is only after several minutes or even days your realization becomes "I can create a cash flow in my life!" For the pirates around you, the thought has always been "This person doesn't have a clue how to bring world peace! This is my grand opportunity to get my life! All I have to do is make everyone believe this person doesn't have the capacity to do this project." 

The judgment on you by the pirates is that you don't have the capacity to achieve your goals actually reflects back on them, so it becomes a race, and maybe Aesop wrote his famous fable about the hare and the tortoise for the fool who is starting out to create a plan. The tortoise walks forward one foot in front of the other, and hopes that eventually the hare will tire himself or herself out. The reason the hare doesn't win the race is because winning the race is not in the hare's best interest, because the next step is that you must prove your capacity. The race is not proof of one's capacity. The project is not to prove you are audacious, or talented, but to overcome the fear of failure that unempowered you to the point where you became the hare or the tortoise. 

Many people are working at jobs that are not fulfilling or have relationships that are based on what is second best. Eventually you sabotage yourself to the point where you believe you can't get the life you want, and this is where people who are dying are.  

The race is difficult and can be even a matter of life and death because when the prize is grand or even great---or simple and logical, the pirates fight even harder, and the application of the plot to steal the plan is revenge, including character defamation, to bring in the cheering crowds.

Who actually wants the tortoise to win? People equate power and money, or even power and audacity, because it demonstrates being able to do something that is beyond the crowds to achieve. 

While the hare performs for the crowds, the tortoise must keep walking forward, even if the crowd turns into a mob. That is why he or she must do what is in everyone's best interest. The planning process must address conflict resolution. It isn't until the pirate becomes a fool, also, based on sharing his or her own talents and gifts and capacity, that the conflict ends. You cannot get the life you want by performing for the crowds, or functioning outside of your capacity. You cannot get your life by being audacious.

I channeled a minibook, called "The World Peace Plan," with five of our guides--Bob Miller, Seth, Benjamin Franklin, Teresa of Avila, and Lady Gaia (the female aspect of God), and each speaks from his or her own experience about the planning process. Seth asked me to send copies of it to the people on my mailing list, and I watched for their reactions. They looked perplexed because the mini-book is not what they expected. They were able to understand, like the fool, that world peace is possible. Maybe they see that the tortoise can win the race after all and that the race doesn't always go to the swift. 

The first book that our organization will distribute to all of the independent members of our organization is "The World Peace Plan." It is the kind of reference book that you keep handy as you walk the race against the hare. 

It will become available to the general public when the professional publishing team see the potential of the plan.