Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ending the Oppression through Watchdogs

I was a dental hygienist for many years, and one of the responsibilities we had as a team was to be watchdogs against oppression. If we saw a child was being abused, it was our responsibility to report it to authorities. Watchdogs play and important role in world peace, also, to help to end oppression of any kind.

I am a channel, and my gift from our Creator is to be able to communicate with anyone on the other side. I started a prayer circle in the early 1990s, and out of the circle, from our spiritual guides, has come the plan for world peace. The plan benefits everyone, but when the plan was first opened to debate, a small group of people have been perpetrating a hostile takeover of the organization in the form of character defamation.

Character defamation is an individual form of genocide, so we are demonstrating how to end a genocide by applying the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposals on the individual level. What has occurred is that this small group of people have gone onto the astral plane and functioned as intellectual property spies.

One of the Four Rules to get your life is that no one can prevent you from getting your life, so even with people harassing you, the idea is to keep moving forward. The people on the astral plane have watched and heard all about the plan now for the last nine years. They know no one can do another's project, and that they don't understand the plan or the principles of the plan, but the fact that they now have three choices enables them to let go of their acts of harassment, and turn around to become watchdogs to those who are not standing on the principles of the organization.

If you compare this to the Holocaust in World War II, imagine the guards were just as responsible for the crimes as the ringleaders, but they also were average people who were brought into the acts. Some looked the other way when prisoners attempted to escape or were even kind to the prisoners. They bounced back and forth between being Nazis and being fathers or brothers or husbands. They may have had the power to kill the Jews, but their criminal acts may have made them better people in the long run. They may have avoided facing trial.

The people on the astral plane have worked to keep separate the independent members of the organization, but by doing so, they are breaking Universal Law, and facing the backlashes of their power games. They may even be potential independent members and have a future place in the organization, because the principles we stand on declare the games to be bad, not the people.

They have heard all about the plan for world peace, but they are not able to steal the plan and claim it to be their own.  They have three choices. To rise out of their abyss, they must let go of the power games and can never again fall back to the games. They must turn around and work with their families they have betrayed by perpetrating criminal acts, and work to protect the innocent people who have been dragged into the genocide, or they will face the full backlashes from the existing legal structure.

As they declare "this is not right," they start to collapse the mob mentality that leads to mayhem. One person can collapse a mob, because that act places those around him or her into a moral dilemma, too, with only one choice, and that is to walk away from the conflict.

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those who function for their own interests, and they become watchdogs for the entire organization to make sure we are standing on the principles. When these people are dragged into a movement, and they are being squeezed, that is when rebellions occur. These are not people who stand on the principles, but when they do, that will assume responsibility for their own projects and become part of the framework, too, but function only on the individual level.