Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Rain in Spain

Guernica, Spain, after the bombing
Over the last month or so, I have had several events occur in my life and they all have had some connection to the Spanish Civil War. I am sure that if I delve into the history books I will find the similarities to what is occurring now in the world, and within this organization, with that horrific war in Spain.

The plan for the international government was introduced many years ago, and stolen, and those who stole it have now gathered an army of people who have been dragged into the conflict. The lies have gone out, and no one knows who to trust, and now there have been alliances made that draw in people of power in hopes their involvement will tip the results to favor a particular side. In Spain, Germany and Russia were brought into the conflict, and the proxy war devolved. By drawing in the people of power, the Spanish people took the dispute to the lower level, and it became more bloody.

Why are people fighting over the plan for world peace? Because it is a prize that is the opportunity of a lifetime for one average person to become the most important person on the planet? That misses the point entirely. Why try to climb the ladder of success,  to reach the top of the mountain, in a flat hierarchy? You can be the best you can be to create your niche, but why compete with others when the idea is to be unique, and to market your niche with others who need what you have, and have what you need?

I watched the movie "Guernica," about a journalist who finally is able to get the true story out to the world about what was occurring in the conflict, and he was stationed in that small town in Spain. The news agency in town was, to the point of the Battle of Guernica, only allowing propaganda to get out. It was all "fake news." It was "alternative facts." The news wove an illusion, and put a positive spin on it as if it would help win the war.

Now I feel like that journalist. I sit at my keyboard and try to tell people what is really occurring, I try to stop the fighting because I understand that the one thing that unites everyone is that we all just want to live our lives without interference, but the illusion is so powerful that my voice is drowned out by the cries of people in crisis. I am not fighting the battles, it is my responsibility to get the message out about the stupidity of wars.

The first two government proposals start by drawing in the people necessary to help people to rise out of the abyss. The ripples of effects of the global conflicts have gone out to drag every person on the planet in some way into the crisis. One proposal starts with bringing together the professional publishing team, and the other starts with bringing together the light-bearers--the channels and prophets--to create the crisis center. We are the Red Cross on the battlefields, but this conflict is a test that has challenged even the light-bearers, and they have been in crisis, too. Our first goal is to establish an international court system so disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield.

The power games are reaching their ultimate conclusion. Mankind has had to learn that the games don't work. The only thing you can trust is Universal Law, and because the power games go against Universal Law, there is always a backlash to the games.

In "A Manual for Peace," Seth offers readers insights into what peace will be like, and he says we will know peace has come when the biggest news story is about the sale of peaches down at the store. Doesn't that sound lovely?