Sunday, March 12, 2017

Run Through or End Run?

Mankind always has three choices, up, down or straight ahead. Everyone wants to be able to get his or her life on a higher level, and to do that, at the Moment of Choice, we must stand on the principles. To choose to go down is to rely on the power games, like revenge, and then we face the backlashes. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage that has been done.

The plan for the international government is on course, progressing through the existing structure. The idea is spreading out more every day, but to make it a reality, another individual has had to stand up and say stop to the character defamation campaign that is being waged against me by the potential independent members of the organization. That point kicks the plan from an idea with great potential into the planning stages. When that person chose to go straight ahead, he passed the responsibility onto future generations. The plan keeps moving forward past the people who were offered the opportunity, but they didn't see it when it came to them.

This is what occurred at Stonehenge. The last conflict resolution event that occurred there was not a war, but had devolved into a genocide because it was an act of revenge. The opportunity was there to end the conflict between the two original kings, but instead, one of the kings allied himself with a third king to win the war, and he and the man who took advantage of the conflict to further his own ambitions traveled to Stonehenge, and the third king vandalized Stonehenge when he realized that the children are the future of any nation, and to drag them into the conflict benefits no one. When the conflict reaches the point where children soldiers are part of the army, that society is facing seven generations of humanitarian crises.

Our plan must address the worst case scenario for the planet, including a global genocide. While the potential members of the organization are trapped in the illusion of three or more simultaneous genocides, the inventions are showing great potential to solve problems around the world. The Light Source Invention is a demonstration of how to solve major crises across the planet, including what the United Nations considers the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945. The plan for the international government is becoming less important as the crises devolve, and the Flower of Life level is becoming more important as it demonstrates its potential. In other words, if no one likes me as the head of the organization, then the head of the technology team can step up and demonstrate the principles of technology and draw in the next segment of the people. That is to be expected. Only two people on the planet see the potential for the plan to bring world peace.

With all the conflict, the first step is to address conflict resolution, and that is opposite to the technology segment. We have not yet been able to get started to create the plan for the international government. First we must address conflict resolution, and that is why there are two initial proposals. The Exit Strategy for Iraq is a U.S. economic stimulus plan, and the United States will not participate in the plan for the international government until squeezed to do so because we are affected economically.

Saddam Hussein stood on the principles at a Moment of Choice, and George W. Bush went down into the power games because that choice affected his security and support. The United States was grabbing for power but also Iraq's resources. That means that for the conflict to end, America must reach the understanding that by we cannot get control of resources by taking them from another country. We thought we were standing on the principles and Iraq on the power games.

No one will come into the plan until they see the potential of the plan to enable them to get their life on a higher level. To try to explain it to them before the plan has progressed to that point is like trying to attack an immovable object. The only way to do that is to do an end run around it and keep moving forward. You explain you are going to get the life you want, you do it, and then you draw people into the plan.

Stonehenge is evolving to the higher level as we address how it was vandalized millennia ago. Until that time, it ended wars, but didn't know how to stop a genocide.