Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Race is On, and It Will Be a Long One

Before we can start to create the plan for the international government, there must be a rationale for it. People must see the need for it to come about. The existing structure must prove to be inadequate. Until then, we must keep introducing the plan and opening it to debate. At this time, the people in power are holding onto the existing structure, and it is impossible to pry their fingers off of it. The idea of revenge and grabbing for power is entrenched in their minds. People must be squeezed to participate, and that occurs when the opportunities end. (We will go into that in greater depth this coming month.)

With the election of Donald Trump, the United States has started into the third cycle of the Light Source Invention. President Trump announced yesterday to Congress his intent to increase military spending, and he proposes to cut spending for programs that benefit the people. He is facing resistance from Democrats, and even some from his own party, but he he has the power of the majority party to force his own agenda. This has the capacity to put the elected officials, who bridge between the government and the people, into a dilemma. He has a solid base of supporters, and so the United States is progressing through the waves of the Light Source Invention, starting with war.

People who are dragged into war lack equality, so any program that President Trump supports that does not treat all people fairly and equally, will take away his support. This is stating the obvious, but the power a nation has is derived from the people, not the governments, so it is also a matter of the people standing up to assume responsibility and demanding from their governments that they stand on the principles of fairness and equality. That is difficult to do when the people are un-empowered.  

The power games governments play are oppressive to the people, so governments that react to protests by denying people a voice are triggering acts of terrorism. Any nation that reaches this point is one step from being a failed state. 

The plan for the international government cannot come from the world leaders, who are not willing to relinquish their power based on power games of one-upmanship. The plan is coming from the people, when the people believe their governments are willing to listen. 

The power is shifting to the people now with the launch of the Constitutional Amendment proposal. Presidents Bush and Obama each had eight years in office, and it takes up to seven years for a constitutional amendment to go through the process, so we will consider this now to be a kind of race to the finish line, and the race will take seven years--the same years Donald Trump may occupy the White House. During that time, our organization must convince all fifty state legislatures to send resolutions to Congress, all with the same wording, and then get all fifty states to ratify the amendment. To get their support, we must be able to solve their problems, and the first two states are Oregon and California. 

Over the next month or so, we will look at all the principles of the U.S. proposal, and then start next month to address the principles of our proposal to Iraq. The other nations can make progress while the United States is working to amend the Constitution.